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8 BEST Side Hustles For People AFTER Graduating College

Shane Hummus2023-02-09
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The video explores eight potential side hustles for college graduates to replace a traditional nine-to-five job. It discusses vending machine ownership, consulting/coaching, scriptwriting for content creation, digital marketing, pet/house sitting, content creation, and sports officiating as lucrative opportunities. These hustles offer varying levels of profitability, with some requiring specialized skills and others offering flexibility for quick income generation. Overall, the video highlights the growing demand for individuals skilled in various fields and the potential for financial success in emerging industries like content creation and digital marketing.

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Eight side hustles for college graduates to potentially replace a nine-to-five job.
Owning vending machines as a side hustle can earn operators around $40,000 a year, but maintenance and collection can be time-consuming.
Becoming a consultant or coach with niche skills can offer valuable services for high pay.
Vending machines score 3 out of 10 for profitability, while consulting/coaching offers lucrative opportunities for those with specialized knowledge.
Lucrative side hustles in consulting and coaching offer opportunities in various industries.
Experienced professionals can earn hundreds of dollars per hour assisting with resumes, career progression, and identifying opportunities.
Starting a consulting business requires problem-solving and addressing common industry pain points.
Content writing is crucial for all forms of media, including videos, podcasts, and social media.
Quality writing serves as the foundation for creating engaging content, with many YouTubers scripting their videos for improved outcomes.
Importance of YouTube scripts for content creation and potential for high earnings.
Many successful YouTubers are hiring scriptwriters to enhance their content and grow their channels.
Scarcity of skilled scriptwriters in the market creates opportunities for individuals with this specific skill set.
Suggestions on how to start earning money by offering scriptwriting services to YouTubers.
Value of digital marketing as a lucrative side hustle or business venture, emphasizing the significance of SEO and pay-per-click skills.
Overview of digital marketing opportunities, including Google ads, YouTube ads, TikTok ads, and Facebook ads.
The Digital Career Blueprint course is recommended for those interested in digital marketing.
Pet sitting and house sitting are highlighted as potentially lucrative part-time or full-time businesses with flexibility and decent income potential.
Discussion on the career path of a content creator, whether starting your own channel or working for a content creator, and the necessary skills for content creation.
The growing industry of content creation is opening up job opportunities for skilled individuals.
Personal brands are becoming more trusted than larger corporations, offering the potential for financial success.
Physical labor is presented as a means for quick money-making and scalable business opportunities.
Although physical labor may not be a sustainable long-term career choice, it is viewed as an effective way to earn money quickly.
Becoming a sports referee can be a profitable part-time job, particularly if you have a background in playing the sport.
While it can be an enjoyable and simple way to earn extra income, it may not offer much in terms of scalability.
The video offers additional advice and strategies for individuals interested in pursuing a career as a referee.
For more details and guidance on becoming a sports referee, it is recommended to watch the full video.