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8 Best Remote Jobs For Beginners

Shane Hummus2023-06-07
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The video explores the benefits of remote work compared to traditional office setups, highlighting various career paths such as healthcare documentation specialists, appointment setters, bookkeepers, virtual assistants, Medicare insurance sales, content strategists, high ticket sales, and medical coding. It emphasizes the flexibility, job opportunities, and potential earnings in these fields, showcasing a shift towards remote work as a fulfilling and efficient alternative. The video also mentions a job with high demand and competitive pay that does not require a college degree or previous experience, receiving a high opportunity score.

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Contrasting daily routines of Wojak and Elon showcase benefits of remote work.
Wojak's stressful day includes long commutes, micromanagement, and exhausting workdays.
Elon enjoys flexibility, autonomy, and work-life balance with remote work.
Growing preference for remote and hybrid work setups due to increased productivity and employee satisfaction.
Introduction to healthcare documentation specialists, detailing responsibilities, required skills, and pros and cons of the job.
Career Paths in Appointment Setting and Bookkeeping
Appointment setters are in charge of communication, scheduling, and lead qualification, with the potential for high commissions and flexibility.
Bookkeepers manage financial transactions and record-keeping, without requiring an accounting degree or certification.
Both roles offer job stability and growth opportunities, but also come with drawbacks like rejection and repetitive tasks.
These careers cater to individuals interested in communication or numbers and organization.
Overview of virtual assistants and Medicare insurance sales careers.
Virtual assistants offer remote administrative support, providing flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere.
Medicare insurance sales involve helping seniors navigate complex healthcare systems, potentially saving them thousands of dollars.
Agents in this field earn around $61,000 a year, with potential for higher earnings.
Pros of these careers include a flexible schedule and work-from-home opportunities, while cons include a steep learning curve and emotional toll.
Roles and Responsibilities of Content Strategists.
Content strategists create and implement plans for engaging content for target audiences.
Average salary for content strategists is around $70,000 per year, with some earning seven figures.
Pros of the job include creativity, remote work, and positive online impact, while cons involve pressure and staying updated on technology.
High ticket sales involve selling expensive products and services, with potential earnings of $118,000 per year on average and seven figures for top performers.
Summary of a Job with $41,000 a Year Salary
The job does not require a college degree or previous experience.
Pros include high demand, remote work, and competitive pay.
Cons include repetitive work and sitting at a desk.
It receives an 8 out of 10 opportunity score.