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8 Best Entry Level Jobs That Pay Well

Shane Hummus2021-06-25
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The video introduces a new College 101 course to help individuals choose the right degree and secure high-paying entry-level jobs. It highlights careers such as database administration, web development, industrial engineering, nursing, and systems engineering, emphasizing the importance of data, safety, and diverse skill sets in today's job market. The speaker encourages liking, subscribing, and sharing the video, expressing optimism about the future demand for systems engineers.

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Introduction of new College 101 course for choosing the right degree and securing entry-level jobs post-graduation.
Emphasis on discounted price and importance of liking, subscribing, and sharing the video.
Recommendation of database administrator as a high-paying entry-level job with high demand in the market.
Overview of IT Careers
Database administrators focus on data security in industries like healthcare and finance, needing a bachelor's degree in computer science.
They earn about $93,000 annually with a job growth rate of 10%.
Web developers build and test websites using HTML and JavaScript, with the choice of an associate's degree or certification.
They make around $73,000 per year with an 8% job growth.
Lucrative and Fulfilling Career Options in Industrial Engineering and Nursing.
Nurses play a vital role in healthcare, with various job opportunities and room for career advancement.
Environmental health and safety engineers and built environmental specialists have high earning potential.
Both careers involve potential risks to life, emphasizing the importance of their roles in society.
Career paths in building design and software engineering.
Building design careers involve ensuring safety and collaborating with government agencies.
Software engineering offers high earning potential and involves designing coding frameworks.
Distinction between software engineers and developers, engineers focus on design and developers on coding.
Systems engineering compared to project management mixed with engineering, emphasizing diverse skill set.
Overview of Systems Engineering
Systems engineering involves overseeing the creation of complex systems with a diverse team of engineers.
The systems engineer ensures everything integrates effectively and the system functions as a whole.
Entry into systems engineering can be challenging but it offers lucrative career opportunities with potential earnings exceeding $80,000 annually.
The speaker expresses optimism about the future demand for systems engineers and encourages viewers to explore more content on the topic.