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7 Work From Home Jobs Paying $20 Per Hour Or More (2023)

Shane Hummus2023-05-12
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The video explores seven work-from-home job opportunities, including laundry services through Sudshare, legal transcriptionist roles, mod contractor positions with Mod Squad, appointment setters, customer care representatives at Elevance Health, technical product manager roles at Jack Henry, and online teaching positions. These jobs offer flexibility, skill development, and varying pay rates, with the potential to earn up to $1000 per day. Viewers are encouraged to consider these remote job options and explore a tier list ranking different work-from-home opportunities.

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Seven work-from-home jobs that can earn individuals up to $1000 per day are discussed in the video.
One of the jobs highlighted is a laundry service through Sudshare app, where tasks include washing, drying, folding, and delivering laundry for clients, with potential earnings of $20 per hour.
Legal transcriptionist is another job mentioned, which involves transcribing legal documents and audio recordings, offering flexibility and the potential to earn $30 per hour.
Pros of being a legal transcriptionist include gaining legal experience and setting your own hours, while cons involve the need for excellent listening and typing skills and potentially working with complex legal terminology.
Mod contractors moderate online communities and social media platforms for safety and engagement, with Mod Squad contracting over 10,000 mods from 70 countries at $26 per hour.
Pros of being a mod contractor include flexibility, skill development, and positive reviews.
Cons of being a mod contractor include self-motivation and exposure to explicit content.
Appointment setters connect businesses with potential clients through various communication methods, with 73% of appointment setters in the US being women and pay ranging from $12 to $30 per hour.
Pros of being an appointment setter include flexible work schedules and industry variety, while cons include monotony and repetition.
Job Opportunities in Customer Care, Technical Product Management, and Online English Teaching.
Customer care representative roles at Elevance Health offer impact on community health, with a salary range of $15.50 to $20 per hour.
Pros include a $1000 sign-on bonus and skill development, while cons include high stress and repetitive work.
Technical product manager roles at Jack Henry require a bachelor's degree and tech experience, with an expected pay of $34 per hour.
Online English teaching positions with companies like Hawo American Academy and VIPKID are accessible for fluent English speakers interested in teaching.
Opportunities and challenges of online tutoring and digital marketing.
Online tutoring allows for remote work, global connections, and career advancement.
Drawbacks include technology reliance, self-discipline, and adapting to various learning styles.
Digital marketing is seen as a profitable career path that doesn't necessarily require a college degree.
A free master class for digital marketing is recommended, with an opportunity score of 7 out of 10 for online tutoring.