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7 Remote Jobs With No Interview Or Phone Needed ($1,200 Per Week)

Shane Hummus2023-05-08
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Multiple remote job opportunities are available, including AI writing testing, video game playtesting, voice writing, and online language teaching. These jobs offer flexibility, decent pay, and the ability to work from home. Pros include expanding skills and making a positive impact, while cons involve repetitive tasks and adapting to evolving technologies. Overall, these opportunities provide significant earning potential and growth prospects for individuals with different skills and interests.

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Remote job opportunities available with companies offering up to $1200 per week.
AI writing tester position with scale.com involves training AI, fact-checking AI-produced texts, and teaching machines to write effectively.
Remote work within the US with flexibility and weekly earnings.
Pros include working on cutting-edge technology and expanding writing skills.
Cons involve repetitive tasks and adapting to evolving technologies.
Work-from-home opportunities discussed: video game playtesting and voice writing.
Video game playtesting involves playing games for pay, with tips to increase invite opportunities.
Voice writing entails transcribing media using specialized software, offering a flexible schedule and decent pay.
Pros and cons exist for both jobs, such as the need for a quiet workspace for voice writing.
Telephone mystery shopping is another opportunity mentioned, involving auditing customer service calls to ensure quality and emphasizing customer retention.
Overview of work-from-home job opportunities.
Pros of these jobs include flexible schedules, remote work, and positive impact potential.
Cons include repetitive tasks, managing high volumes of questions, and requiring high concentration levels.
Despite challenges, these jobs offer valuable experience and competitive pay.
Suitable for individuals with diverse skills and interests.
Benefits of online language teaching.
Online language teaching offers flexible hours and the ability to work remotely from anywhere.
Teachers can set their own rates, positively impact students' lives, and potentially increase earnings over time.
Requires self-discipline and time management, but offers a pathway to a full-time income without prior experience.
Other job opportunities with higher pay and career prospects may require some training but can be obtained within three months.