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10 Companies Always Hiring Work From Home Jobs (Worldwide)

Shane Hummus2023-06-19
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The video highlights work from home opportunities at companies like Scribbrindi, Braxton, and Bitfinex, offering roles in proofreading, digital marketing, and project management. Other companies mentioned include Ink Sub, Scopic, and Pearson, with roles in sales support, web development, and customer service. The video also discusses careers in education, customer success management, and technical support, emphasizing growth opportunities and diverse work environments. A specific opportunity as a data analyst at Teleperformance is highlighted for its potential for professional growth, despite requiring strong analytical skills. Overall, the video showcases various remote job options in different industries with their respective pros and cons.

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Top 10 companies frequently hiring for work from home positions.
Scribbrindi offers freelance proofreading jobs with a salary range of $44,000 to $68,000 per year.
Braxton has digital marketing roles like content writer and SEO strategist.
Bitfinex hires for a project manager position within the cryptocurrency industry.
Pros include working in innovative industries and with diverse teams, while cons involve managing tight deadlines and adapting to client needs.
The segment highlights sales support for clients at Ink Sub, web development at Scopic, and customer service at Pearson as potential job opportunities.
These roles offer the chance to work remotely, gain expertise in digital industries, and learn technology skills.
Each company has its pros and cons, with varying salary ranges.
The segment emphasizes the potential for entry-level jobs with growth opportunities in diverse fields.
Career Opportunities in Education, Customer Success Management, and Technical Support Fields.
Education enthusiasts can work from home and collaborate with a team, but may face challenging customer interactions.
Customer success managers work with high-level individuals, earning around $146,000 annually, with pros including innovative technology and a diverse work environment.
Technical support specialists at Time Doctor make around $49,000 per year, with pros including easy entry, skill development, and helping others.
Opportunity as a Data Analyst for Teleperformance
The position offers professional growth opportunities and the chance to work with a global leader in customer service.
Analytical skills are essential for the role, but it may involve some tedious tasks.
The opportunity score is 8.5 out of 10, indicating a favorable option for those interested in data analysis and career advancement.