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First Major Problem In Thailand

Sanctioned Ivan2024-04-01
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Exploring a new apartment complex with a unique face ID system for elevator access and visiting a bustling night market in Thailand with diverse food options. The speaker discusses living in a smelly apartment in Russia, plans to move to a better one, and praises Thailand's fast internet speed. Overall, the experience includes shopping for various items, trying exotic foods, and navigating housing challenges while expressing gratitude to viewers.

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Exploring a unique apartment complex with face ID elevator access.
Enjoying the view from the 43rd floor and contemplating a swim in the pool.
Transitioning to a night market for new slides due to uncomfortable footwear.
Night market offers a variety of items including branded products like Gucci.
Bustling environment with diverse shopping options like dog accessories, bags, phone cases, and watches for a swagged-out look.
Night market in Thailand offers a wide variety of foods, including exotic options like Scorpions and cockroaches.
Market also provides fresh coconut, orange juice, and candies.
Unique smells of the market are mentioned, with people seen enjoying their meals.
Cooking area highlighted for intense heat, with food prepared over fire and gas despite hot weather.
Overall experience described as an investigation into the diverse and bustling food scene of the night market.
Living conditions in a Russian apartment complex.
The whole floor smells like sewage, causing frustration.
Exploring options to move to a higher floor with better-smelling apartments.
Despite challenges, planning to eat soup and hoping for a resolution to housing issue.
Comparing internet speed in Thailand to Russia, praising Thailand's fast connection.
Speaker compares upload speeds in their video to slower speeds in Russia and discusses plans to move to a new apartment due to a bad smell.
Speaker expresses gratitude to viewers for their support.
Speaker signs off with well wishes for an 'amazing flipping day.'