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PRODUCTIVE WEEKLY VLOG ❥ working out, shopping, bts content creation, dinners in nyc

Samantha Nicole2024-02-23
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The YouTuber shares her daily routine, including going to the gym, running errands, unboxing PR packages, attending meetings, and filming brand deal videos. She discusses skincare, fashion purchases, and events with beauty brands. The speaker expresses excitement for upcoming content and connections made at dinner events, showcasing satisfaction with her outfit, makeup, and hair styling.

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Returning to the gym after recovering from injury and feeling depressed.
Planning for a productive week by getting their body moving and filming videos.
Taking it easy at the gym session to avoid pushing themselves too hard.
After the workout, planning to shower and style hair using specific products.
Expressing the need for a haircut appointment to make styling easier.
YouTuber's morning routine and plans for the day ahead.
Discusses editing videos and preparing for uploads.
Mentions filming makeup videos, including a series on TikTok using only one color of makeup.
Plans to go to the gym and run errands, such as returning items to Aritzia.
Expresses satisfaction with productive morning and excitement for filming more content.
Unboxing PR packages featuring a mojito-themed set and cute tote bag.
Receiving Aran Beauty products such as blushes and setting spray.
Purchasing pants from Aritzia but exchanging them for two shirts due to size issues.
The shirts include a short sleeve bodysuit and a long sleeve shirt in a stone color.
Speaker discusses budgeting and skincare, including the use of gift cards and Retinol.
She cancels wedding dress shopping with her sister and attends a meeting with Drunk Elephant.
Expresses excitement about meeting the Drunk Elephant team and restocking on their products.
Describes going to a coffee shop with a friend and eagerly anticipating trying their coffee.
Speaker meets with Drunk Elephant girls, receives gift sets, and goes to orthodontist appointment.
Goes shopping at Sephora and Alo and makes impulsive purchase of jacket and hat for possible snow trip.
Rarely spends money on herself but justifies purchase and enjoys the experience.
Busy day with e.l.f Cosmetics brand deal, Glow Recipe event, and White Fox order.
Struggled to find comfortable clothes for Glow Recipe event due to recovery.
Excited to film separate try-on haul and get ready with me videos for White Fox order.
Event at a large Sephora in Times Square followed by dinner with Glow Recipe.
Expresses happiness about the clothes tried on during the day.
The speaker had a productive day and attended an intimate dinner event.
She felt good about her outfit, makeup, and hair.
Despite being tired, she was happy with her makeup and reluctant to remove it.
The dinner event allowed for meaningful conversations and connections.
The speaker expressed excitement for upcoming content and thanked her audience for watching.