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University Students Killing & Selling "Cat in Blender" & "Cat in Microwave" Videos

Rotten Mango2024-04-07
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Students at Shanghai Tech University, known for their intelligence and focus on tech, face fear and suspicion due to poisoned cats on campus. The discovery of poisoned cats leads to disturbing behaviors like cat strangulation caught on CCTV. The video delves into dark trends of animal torture like object crush videos, cat abuse chat rooms, and extreme cruelty on the dark web. The narrative highlights the lack of protection for animals in China and the efforts of activists to expose and combat animal abuse. The segment concludes with a call to address the issue of animal cruelty.

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Mysterious events involving poisoned cats causing fear and suspicion at Shanghai Tech University.
Students at the university are highly intelligent and dedicated, with a focus on tech and science.
The campus is modern and futuristic, keeping students constantly busy and focused on their studies.
Discovery of multiple poisoned cats has led to speculation about foul play or dangerous substances on campus.
Students are on edge and questioning their safety due to the incidents.
Concern over multiple cats found dead on campus raises alarm.
Signs of poisoning and strangangulation observed on deceased cats.
Students investigate CCTV footage to uncover cause of deaths.
Female student identified strangling a cat named Princess on camera, leading to its death.
Disturbing behavior of student raises questions and concerns among campus community.
The segment highlights the dark world of cat crushing videos and the viral video exposing China's top celebrities.
A famous food influencer was exposed for running a cat torture telegram chat.
The video content is graphic, depicting animal cruelty and torture.
Creators debated toning down details due to ongoing case with perpetrators still at large.
The goal is to raise awareness and encourage action against such atrocities.
Encounter with strange women at a mall in China.
The man is approached by two friendly women who lock arms with him.
Despite feeling panicked, the man goes along with the situation.
The women pull the man towards them, leaving him confused.
Man forced to slap himself and beg for mercy in disturbing live stream.
Two women guide man to slap himself in parking lot, then make him kneel and beg for mercy in secluded area.
Group films as one member puts on glove and twists hand inside bag, hinting at something sinister.
Man visibly humiliated as he complies with demands captured on live stream.
Public humiliation and assault of man for involvement in animal snuff film gang.
The man was exposed by animal activists during a live stream.
Transition to a woman performing cake sitting video for client's custom request.
Client can choose cake size, type, frosting colors, and level of nudity in the video.
Woman surprised by market demand for such content.
Object crush is a niche interest involving sexual arousal from watching objects being crushed, often by a woman in high heel stilettos.
Psychiatrists believe it represents a mix of unconventional interests and taboo arousal.
While primarily associated with women, there are rare cases of men engaging in object crush.
Some individuals find object crush videos reminiscent of childhood play, providing a carefree and enjoyable experience.
Object crush videos cater to a specific audience seeking unique forms of stimulation.
Disturbing trend of 'crushing' involves individuals deriving pleasure from crushing objects or animals with their body weight.
Specific example in China shows a woman using high heel shoes to crush a kitten, causing severe harm and death.
The video captures graphic details, raising concerns about such content being shared online.
The narrator expresses shock at the extreme nature of the video, highlighting the importance of awareness and prevention of animal cruelty in online spaces.
Discussion on the existence of soft crush videos involving insects, snails, and other creatures being crushed by women in high heels.
Soft crush videos are technically illegal but can be accessed behind paywalls.
Object Crush and Soft Crush interests are distinct, with Soft Crush viewers often facing disdain.
Some individuals find comfort or arousal in watching these videos, with one man linking it to childhood experiences.
The evolution of these interests is complex and disturbing, suggesting a need for psychological analysis.
The rise of hard crush videos on the dark web involving the torture and killing of animals such as bunnies, cats, and dogs.
Websites like Sea Kitten Palace and Lethal Pressure dedicated to cruel content.
Cruel Onion Wiki, the most extreme site featuring women seductively killing animals in brutal ways.
Videos showing animals being suffocated, decapitated, and mutilated while alive.
Availability of these videos on the regular surface web behind paywalls, with sites like Crush World.net allowing users to order CDs of women stomping animals to death.
Overview of Crushing Videos and Legalities
Crushing videos depicting animal torture are illegal in the US since 2010.
Legislation needed to address imported videos from overseas.
Psychologists suggest viewers may be motivated by desire for humiliation or experiencing pain and anxiety of animals.
Debate exists on whether viewers sympathize with animals or derive pleasure from their suffering.
The segment explores the disturbing trend of individuals finding pleasure in watching living things being crushed.
Society is criticized for accepting killing animals for sport while condemning those who derive pleasure from crushing.
A specific incident in Houston, Texas, involving animal cruelty in an explicit video is highlighted.
Psychological explanations for this behavior are discussed, with power and control being emphasized as motivating factors.
Reference is made to the Japanese 'cat killer,' who tortured snails with salt, revealing discomfort with such acts.
Woman on OnlyFans engaged in explicit content involving dismembering a live cat with knives, leading to backlash from animal activists and police.
Defense included claims of kosher killing and ritual sacrifices.
Another woman in a viral cat video identified, with personal details exposed.
Initial belief of video being a Japanese advertisement was debunked.
Woman apologized briefly for actions, citing personal struggles as a reason.
The 'Blender Man' video resurfaces 17 years after a woman first found it in 2006, causing widespread fear and online warnings.
The video contains graphic and deeply disturbing content that cannot be unseen.
Efforts to warn others about the video are not reaching all corners of the internet, leading to unsuspecting viewers encountering the shocking footage.
The impact of such videos on individuals, like a pregnant woman who viewed the content, can be long-lasting and traumatic.
Outrage over viral video of cat abuse.
Netizens hunt for the perpetrator while others are curious to watch.
Narrator shares struggles with decision-making and shopping.
Stitch Fix stylist boosts confidence and challenges preconceived notions about style.
Personalized clothing recommendations without a subscription available through Stitch Fix.
Woman causes chaos by throwing papers from rooftop in busy city.
People react by taking pictures, ripping papers, and trying to catch them.
Papers contain picture of famous food influencer, raising concerns about content.
Video description mentions live stream where influencer tortured and killed a cat, creating disturbing narrative.
Disturbing trend of online cat abuse through chat rooms dedicated to torturing cats.
Abusers use methods such as adopting from shelters or kidnapping to obtain cats.
Abusers spend money to adopt cats, with stray cats being more expensive due to their resistance.
Certain breeds like Calico and Norwegian Forest cats are targeted for their perceived fighting spirit.
Pregnant cats are considered a delicacy, with horrific torture methods including strangulation, roasting, dismemberment, and drowning.
Jack Spicy, a popular food influencer, was found to have tortured a cow cat for three days, sharing videos of the abuse in chat rooms.
Despite his friendly persona in videos, he displayed a disturbing lack of empathy through his actions.
Viewers were charged to watch animal torture videos in these chat rooms, with many participants not driven by financial gain.
The incident sheds light on the dark side of human nature, showcasing cruelty and callousness towards animals.
The disturbing actions of Jack Spicy in embedding torture videos in innocent content to shock viewers.
Jack Spicy targeted vulnerable groups like pregnant women and encouraged others to do the same.
The psychological response to seeing cute animals triggers a dopamine release and reduces stress.
Evolutionary reasons for the reaction to cute animals, similarities between human infants and young animals.
Impact of petting animals on cortisol levels and how certain physical traits in pets appeal to humans' innate preferences.
Evolution has caused humans to associate babies and cute creatures with cuteness, leading to a desire to care for them.
Specific chemicals in the brain are responsible for the rewarding feeling associated with cuteness.
When something is too cute, it can overwhelm the brain and lead to negative thoughts.
An app in China called Hello Street Cat uses TV-shaped boxes with food to monitor and care for stray cats, including scanning, feeding, and identifying cats that need medical attention or spaying/neutering.
The ultimate goal of the app is to adopt the cats, but many street cats are not adoptable due to their behavior.
Efforts of Hello Street Cat to provide medical attention to stray cats through live streams of feeding boxes.
Famous stray cats mentioned include the gluttonous Beast and Mr. Fresh, who loves fresh kibble.
Mr. Fresh faced a bounty from cat killers but was luckily adopted.
Investigation into Jack Spicy revealed the identity of the real cat blender man, highlighting challenges faced by street cats and their helpers.
Lack of animal abuse laws in China.
Wang Chiai, also known as 'Cat Blender Man', produced over 10,000 animal torture videos and earned $700,000.
Accusations against Wang Chiai include stealing pets to kill, including live pregnant cats, and using torture tactics like pouring acid into their bodies.
Despite his actions, Wang Chiai was detained for damaging a car window during a theft attempt, not for animal cruelty.
The case illustrates the absence of animal protection laws in China.
Naomi receives disturbing messages and videos related to cat abuse after speaking out against it.
She engages with a cat abuser in an attempt to understand and possibly change him.
Commenters on a Reddit post offer varying opinions on how to handle a girlfriend who abuses cats, with one suggesting understanding and supporting her.
The Shanghai Tech cat killer resurfaces in the story, further highlighting the issue of animal abuse and the complex responses it elicits from society.
Outrage over campus poisoning incidents and lack of accountability for animal abuse in China.
A student suspended for cat abuse caused fear after multiple poisoning incidents on campus.
Concerns were raised about the student's potential as a deranged killer due to a history of cat abuse.
Perpetrators showed no remorse and defied public shaming and investigations, indicating a disregard for consequences.
Lack of legal repercussions in China posed challenges in deterring animal abuse and violence.
High-profile celebrities in China speak out against cat killers, leading to doxing retaliation.
A cat torturer threatens to kill 1,000 cats if not accepted back to university after being exposed.
Activists infiltrate chat rooms to expose and drive cat killers to madness.
Various methods like voice recognition and clothing analysis are used by activists to identify and publicly shame cat killers.
Cat killers target celebrities and universities, but activists remain anonymous and determined to protect cats.
Activists debated whether to pay a $100 ransom for a cat named Bucky, adopted by a cat killer.
Despite fears that the money would fund more cat killings, one activist likely wired the money.
Bucky was still killed the next day by the cat killer.
The cat killers sadistically tortured and killed kittens, trying to break the activists' spirit.
The activists' bravery and dedication to stopping animal abuse through awareness and action were admired by the narrator.
Importance of investigating animal abuse.
Activists are taking on the task of investigating animal abuse even in the US where laws exist against animal cruelty.
Debate on the severity of harming animals, with some justifying it as no different from killing animals for consumption.
The FBI tracks animal abuse cases like homicides due to potential links to human violence.
Correlation between animal abuse and future crimes against humans, citing examples of serial killers with histories of animal cruelty.
The segment discusses instances of animal abuse and the connection to potential violence towards humans.
Disturbing cases of individuals engaging in chats about torturing and killing animals are highlighted.
Challenges in punishing animal abusers and the need to stop the spread of animal abuse videos are addressed.
Efforts by students to honor killed cats on campus are mentioned as a way to raise awareness and care for animals.
The segment concludes with emotional frustration about the topic of animal abuse and a call to address the issue.
The speaker expresses anger and encourages viewer engagement.
Viewers are urged to share their thoughts in the comments section.
The speaker advises viewers to stay safe and hug their pets.
The next episode is scheduled for Wednesday.
The speaker signs off with a simple 'bye'.