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14 minutes to massively improve your speaking skills

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In a compelling talk, the speaker emphasizes the importance of continuous self-analysis and feedback in improving communication skills. He also highlights the value of being able to “machine gun” multiple points in a debate and the detrimental effect of using filler words. The ability to speak confidently and concisely is presented as a crucial aspect of becoming a successful communicator, with the speaker's own self-reflection and adherence to high linguistic standards serving as an inspiration.  

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Josh explains that the key to improvement is not just practice, but also analysis and feedback.
He uses the example of his chess skills, where he doesn't improve despite playing every day because he never analyzes his games.
Josh emphasizes that it is the feedback that makes you better at something, not just the practice.
In speech, it is essential to be able to concisely explain your point of view and have a structured argument.
Josh suggests using pauses to think instead of saying “um” or “ah”.
He also recommends self-analysis and not allowing oneself to use filler words like “um” in general life.
Being able to present information in a concise way and having a structured argument makes it difficult for others to argue against you.
The speaker emphasizes the importance of self-analysis and continuous improvement in communication by avoiding filler words and speaking confidently.
Using filler words like “um” and “ah” can diminish one's perceived intelligence and confidence in communication.
The speaker believes that insulting and triggering people is a part of being a master communicator.
Having meaningful experiences and stories is also crucial for effective communication.
The speaker discusses the importance of being a master communicator in sales, using the example of selling windows and the value of risk in communication.
Selling windows is challenging because people don't see the need for them, but highlighting the security aspect can change their perspective.
The speaker believes that triggering action in men requires using insulting language to make them realize their insignificance.
Having a life with diverse experiences and stories is essential for being a good communicator.
The ability to communicate effectively is emphasized through the experience of fighting and facing challenges in life.
Fighting teaches a person about their true self, perseverance, and dedication.
Having stories of overcoming challenges and taking risks in life is important for effective communication.
The speaker recommends speaking slowly, breathing, and practicing like a martial art to improve communication skills.
The speaker explains that being able to communicate effectively is crucial in various aspects of life and that arrogance with competence can be comforting.
The speaker uses the example of wanting a pilot to be arrogantly confident before flying through a hurricane.
He believes that communication is important in getting ideas across and that having a good voice and speaking talent is valuable.
The speaker emphasizes the need to work on communication skills, as it is important for commanding a room and succeeding in life.
💫 FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How important is self-analysis in becoming a better communicator?

Self-analysis is crucial in improving communication skills. By catching and correcting speaking habits, refining one's expression, and enhancing the overall speech delivery, self-analysis plays a vital role in becoming a more effective communicator.

2. What is the key to becoming a good communicator in general life?

The key to becoming a good communicator in general life is to be able to concisely explain one's point of view and have structured arguments. This can be achieved by minimizing filler words, self-analyzing speaking habits, and continuously seeking to improve communication skills.

3. How does the speaker suggest improving communication skills in terms of speaking concisely?

The speaker suggests practicing the ability to 'Machine Gun Five Points at once' and link them into two older points, while also hinting at a future point. This approach can make it challenging for others to argue and demonstrates a high level of communication skill.

4. What example is given to highlight the importance of having stories in communication?

The example of riding the train from Madrid to St Petersburg or taking the Trans-Siberian Railway showcases the idea that having stories with an element of risk and adventure can significantly enhance one's ability to communicate.

5. Why does the speaker use the term 'arrogant' in the context of communication and idea projection?

The speaker uses the term 'arrogant' to emphasize the need for confidence and competence in projecting ideas. He suggests that arrogance, when coupled with complete competence, can be comforting and effective in getting ideas across.