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How To Succeed As A NEW & YOUNG Realtor [Deals Every Month + Luxury Listings]

Mike Sherrard2024-05-03
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The video features multiple speakers sharing their journeys of perseverance and success in the real estate industry. They emphasize the importance of overdelivering, persistence, mentorship, and building strong relationships to achieve goals. Strategies for scaling a real estate business, finding a niche, and providing exceptional customer service are discussed. The speakers highlight the value of mindset, surrounding oneself with the right people, and leveraging unique skills to stand out in the industry. Overall, the video serves as motivation for real estate agents facing challenges, encouraging them to stay focused, dedicated, and committed to excellence.

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Dimitri shares his journey from struggling to closing a $2 million deal in a month as a young agent.
Emphasizes the importance of overdelivering and creating a unique buyer journey to attract repeat and referral clients.
Highlights the value of perseverance and commitment to excellence in real estate.
Provides valuable insights into strategies for scaling a real estate business.
Offers guidance on building a successful career in the real estate industry.
Journey of persistence in real estate.
Emphasizes mentality and consistent effort in the industry.
Contrasts being an employee with being self-employed, pointing to the delayed gratification of entrepreneurship.
Highlights the value of perseverance and understanding that success takes time.
Serves as motivation for agents facing challenges in closing their first deal, encouraging them to stay focused and dedicated.
Importance of Persistence and Surrounding Oneself with the Right People for Success.
Emphasizes focusing on the correct path and seeking guidance from knowledgeable individuals.
Encourages continuing to work towards goals despite challenges.
Discusses the concept of entitlement and the importance of engaging in the right activities with intent.
Shares personal experiences of financial difficulties and stressful times, highlighting the importance of trusting the process and not giving up.
Overcoming financial struggles through perseverance and goal-setting.
The speaker faced challenges such as maxing out credit cards and high interest payments.
Despite setbacks, he refused to quit and found success in his first deal.
Emphasizes the importance of learning from mistakes and taking risks.
Encourages others to be smart and persistent in pursuing their goals.
Importance of betting on oneself and finding lessons in every situation.
Leveraged first deal to secure multiple deals by actively participating in the flipping process.
Willingness to learn and solve problems despite lacking prior experience.
Turned one deal into six deals through persistence and dedication.
Emphasized the value of continuous learning in achieving success.
Importance of communication in real estate.
Resourcefulness and finding solutions for clients are key aspects of success in the industry.
Over-delivering on value and maintaining proper communication can differentiate an agent from others.
Proactive outreach, providing value, and strong communication build trust and attract more business opportunities.
Being a 'Yes Man' or 'Yes Woman', consistent top-notch service, and showing up lead to success in real estate.
Importance of Building Strong Business Relationships.
Partnering with an accountant, who is their mother, to generate referrals.
Delivering exceptional service and creating strategic partnerships to attract clients.
Over-delivering on the customer experience is key to success in a relationship-based business.
Establishing key relationships and effectively navigating them to drive business growth and client referrals.
Importance of bilingual skills in real estate business.
Utilizing Russian language skills has been valuable in assisting Ukrainian immigrants achieve the American Dream.
Building strong relationships and securing deals through referrals is possible by leveraging language abilities.
Identifying and capitalizing on unique skills, such as language proficiency, can help agents stand out and establish trust with clients quickly.
Recognizing and utilizing one's 'Edge' in the industry is crucial for success and maximizing opportunities.
Importance of finding a niche in real estate for success.
Speaker shares journey of closing first million-dollar deals, emphasizing hard work and dedication.
Success attributed to providing value to buyers and being proactive in closing deals quickly.
Speaker emphasizes significance of putting in work upfront to see results later on.
Importance of building relationships with sellers' agents for securing deals and saving money.
Establishing trust and professionalism allowed the narrator to take a property off the market and avoid overpaying.
Significance of understanding the market and forming strong relationships with other agents was emphasized.
Challenges of finding affordable properties for renovation in the current market and how clients have adapted to increased competition were discussed.
Experiences of competing in multiple offer situations, the importance of thorough negotiations, and staying updated with agents were shared.
Building a successful referral-based real estate business through exceptional customer experience and value.
Focusing on delivering outstanding service and value in each deal attracts more clients organically.
Being resourceful and over-delivering leads to a continuous flow of new business without actively seeking it.
Mindset and maintaining a positive attitude, especially during challenging times, are crucial factors in staying motivated and successful in the real estate industry.
Importance of mindset in achieving goals.
Emphasizing the need to establish specific goals and maintaining motivation by focusing on them.
Success attributed to prayer, faith, and continuous learning through podcasts.
Shifting perspective from challenges as obstacles to opportunities for success.
Trusting the process and having belief in the intended outcome are crucial for personal growth and success.
Importance of Supportive Brokerage Environment
The speaker discusses their experience of joining various brokerages before finding a supportive environment at EXP Realty.
Previous teams did not offer growth or benefits, leading to a feeling of lack of value.
Feeling supported and not used in a brokerage is crucial for success and satisfaction.
The emphasis is on finding a team that genuinely benefits and supports its members, rather than using them for their own gain.
The importance of mentorship and a supportive community in achieving success and navigating challenges.
Encouragement to persevere, embrace challenges as opportunities, and partner with driven individuals for growth.
Highlighting the value of caring relationships and the impact of surrounding oneself with supportive people.
Emphasis on taking risks, being persistent, and seizing opportunities for personal and professional development.
Acknowledgment of the power of mentorship and genuine support in achieving goals and overcoming obstacles.