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Liberty's Kids 107 - Green Mountain Boys

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The episode of Liberty's Kids focuses on the need for separation from England, depicting the first American attack on the Redcoats. Conflict in New Hampshire Grants, Ethan Allen confronting Arthur Pendrick over land disputes, and the successful capture of Fort Ticonderoga by Colonel Arnold and the Green Mountain Boys are highlighted. The episode emphasizes the ongoing struggles for land ownership and power dynamics during the American Revolution.

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Liberty's Kids episode emphasizes the need for separation from England.
Sarah Phillips receives news and commits to staying in the colonies with her father.
Conflict in New Hampshire grants and the emotional impact on residents are highlighted.
Ethan Allen's credibility as a patriot is debated based on his writings.
Tension with the crown and anticipation of hostilities are portrayed, setting the stage for potential future conflicts.
Conflict between Ethan Allen and Arthur Pendrick over land ownership and power dynamics.
Ethan Allen accuses Pendrick of stealing land and property from the New Hampshire grants.
Pendrick refuses to leave despite pleas for peace.
Allen and the people of the grants decide to offer a burnt sacrifice to drive Pendrick out.
Allen stands up to Pendrick's tyranny, escalating the situation.
Ethan Allen asserts his authority over Colonel Benedict Arnold in the Green Mountain Boys.
Allen and Arnold eventually agree to share command and ride together in front of the troops.
The decision to attack Fort Ticonderoga is made in order to capture British cannons for the Patriot cause.
The Green Mountain Boys plan to attack Fort Ticonderoga to secure American freedom.
Miss Phillips is denied joining the attack due to risks involved.
The fort is successfully captured, and Colonel Arnold demands surrender.
Artillery and ammunition are seized, British soldiers defeated.
Miss Phillips expresses hope for a future meeting under better circumstances.
Challenges of making a home in New Hampshire.
Speaker jokes about Redcoats and their lack of resistance.
Mention of a long journey ahead before achieving freedom.
Dr. Franklin's eccentricity is noted, with gratitude for not being exposed on a boat.
Importance of proving superiority leads to a humorous interaction about flapjacks.