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7 AI Productivity Tools (For Normal People)

Lea David2023-07-09
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AI productivity tools like DeepL, Grammarly, and Notion AI enhance writing, editing, and brainstorming, making tasks easier. Microsoft's dictate function and Hemingway improve writing readability. PowerPoint Designer and ChatGPT aid in creating professional presentations and summarizing text. Embracing these tools can significantly boost workflow efficiency. Additionally, learning essential keyboard shortcuts can save time and improve productivity.

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Rise of AI tools in productivity.
DeepL is a top AI translator with predictive word sequence feature.
Grammarly is an AI tool for writing assistance, helping with spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Notion AI is an AI writing assistant integrated into popular note-taking tool Notion for dynamic note-taking and connectivity with other tools.
Notion AI enhances productivity through features for faster work, better writing, and bigger thinking.
It aids in summarizing, editing, and brainstorming ideas, reducing tedious tasks.
The AI can assist in writing prompts, grammar fixes, and changing text tones.
Microsoft's dictate function automates writing tasks, allowing dictation and editing via voice commands.
Hemingway is an AI tool that improves writing readability by highlighting errors and suggesting improvements.
Benefits of Microsoft PowerPoint Designer and ChatGPT AI tool.
PowerPoint Designer optimizes slides by suggesting layouts and design ideas for professional presentations.
ChatGPT is praised for summarizing text, generating action items, writing documents, providing a second opinion, enhancing research, brainstorming, and rephrasing sentences.
Embracing AI tools like ChatGPT can enhance workflow efficiency and productivity.
Importance of Keyboard Shortcuts in Professional Life.
Keyboard shortcuts can save significant time and effort in daily tasks.
Learning and implementing keyboard shortcuts can lead to increased productivity.
Utilizing keyboard shortcuts is a simple and effective way to work more efficiently.
Continuing to use keyboard shortcuts can lead to long-term time savings and increased productivity.