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How The Dinosaurs Actually Died

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New evidence suggests a slow liquid asteroid hitting Earth, combined with Deccan Traps volcanic activity, caused the dinosaur extinction. The eruptions led to toxic fumes, wildfires, and mass extinctions. Debate continues on whether the traps or an asteroid impact was the main culprit. Mass extinctions in history coincide with intense volcanic activity, hinting at a recurring pattern. The Permian mass extinction wiped out 95% of species. The video also discusses a possible dormant 'monster' beneath Earth's surface causing future extinctions. KiwiCo's educational crates for kids are highlighted.

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New evidence suggests a slow liquid asteroid hitting Earth may have caused the extinction of dinosaurs, challenging the previous theory of an Everest-sized asteroid impact.
The Deccan Traps volcanic region in India emitted massive amounts of CO2 and sulfur dioxide, leading to global catastrophe.
Continuous volcanic activity triggered heating and cooling of the planet, disrupting ecosystems.
The Deccan Traps eruption resulted in toxic fumes, wildfires, and extinction of dinosaurs, ultimately contributing to the mass extinction event.
This alternative theory proposes a different narrative for the demise of dinosaurs, emphasizing the role of prolonged volcanic activity.
The Deccan Traps eruption led to mass extinctions and devastating ecosystems.
Deadly gases and magma were released, causing massive wildfires, earthquakes, and hypercanes with winds up to 1000 km/h.
Venomous clouds covered the planet, leading to the demise of the dinosaurs.
An asteroid impact wiped out 75% of all species, including most dinosaurs.
Scientists debate whether the Deccan Traps or the asteroid was the main culprit in the mass extinctions.
The correlation between mass extinctions and volcanic activity throughout Earth's history is explored.
The Permian mass extinction, caused by the Siberian Traps, led to the extinction of 95% of species.
Evidence suggests that these mass extinction events are not isolated incidents but part of a recurring pattern.
The possibility of a potential dormant 'monster' beneath Earth's surface causing future extinctions is mentioned, with uncertainty about the likelihood and timeframe.
The segment concludes by shifting focus to present-day educational opportunities for kids, such as KiwiCo's crates with engaging projects like building a robot crab.