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The BEST Calendar Apps of 2024: New & Updated

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The video explores the evolving calendar market in 2024, showcasing a variety of calendar applications with advanced features like task management and email integration. From Fantastical and Notion Calendar to Moorgn and Amy Calendar, each app caters to different needs and platforms, offering unique functionalities. Other apps like Open Purpose, Vimcow, Reclaim, and Hey Calendar are also discussed, providing users with a range of options to choose from. Additionally, Hey Email, Rise Calendar, MayDay, Calendars by RLE, and Google Calendar are highlighted for their features and capabilities. Overall, the video recommends finding the best calendar application tailored to individual requirements.

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Overview of the best calendar applications in 2024 with advanced features like task management and email integration.
Fantastical for Apple devices offers natural language input and sleek design.
Notion Calendar (formerly Chron) integrates with Google Calendar, video conferencing, and notion databases.
Moorgn stands out for AI-driven task management and daily planning.
Amy Calendar impresses with its user experience catering to different needs and platforms.
Comparison of Various Calendar and Task Management Applications.
Open Purpose is commended for its design and seamless integration with other applications.
Amy provides a balance between tasks and calendars across mobile and desktop platforms.
Vimcow emphasizes event management capabilities and AI features.
Reclaim is a team-oriented application that automatically organizes schedules and priorities.
Hey Calendar is a new player in the market catering to different user needs and preferences.
Various calendar apps are discussed, including Hey Email, Rise Calendar, MayDay, Calendars by RLE, and Google Calendar.
Hey Email offers a visually appealing calendar integrated with email for $99 per year on IOS and Android.
Rise Calendar, currently in public beta for Mac OS, focuses on productivity with features like Focus guard and flexible times.
MayDay serves as an AI assistant for scheduling optimization, currently available only on Apple devices.
Calendars by RLE is a simple yet effective calendar app with habit-setting capabilities, catering to different user needs.
Google Calendar is a free and reliable option, especially for Google Workspace users, with time insights to enhance productivity.
Various calendar apps are discussed in the segment, with Molin Time Page being highlighted as beautifully designed with features like weather forecasts and travel times.
Morgan is mentioned as a versatile calendar app that can be used across multiple devices.
Fantasti is recommended for Apple users looking for a reliable calendar app.
Notion Calendar is praised for its beautiful design and user-friendly interface.
The segment concludes by emphasizing the importance of choosing the best calendar app based on individual preferences and needs.