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How to Market Your Indie Game!

Jonas Tyroller2019-04-26
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Jonas, the developer of the game Islanders, discusses how they achieved success with over 50,000 copies sold and positive reviews. He emphasizes the importance of making the right kind of game that is unique, desired by players, and appealing to content creators. Creating a game with strong fantasy and replayability, while being content creator-friendly, can contribute to its success. Indie Game Marketing: How to Make Your Game Appealing and Marketable" provides tips on creating appeal for indie games, emphasizing the importance of strong visuals, fantasy, and an art style that communicates the game's concept. The video also discusses making a game contagious and the role of social media in marketing, recommending a focus on quality over quantity in posts. Early setup of a store page to gather wishlists is highlighted as crucial for generating momentum before the game's launch. Key Points: - It's important to have a visually appealing store page on Steam to attract potential buyers and increase conversion rates. - Pay attention to the trailer and thumbnail of your game, as they are important marketing assets. - Consider the release date and avoid major game competition. - Utilize press releases, press kits, and contact game press to generate buzz and coverage for your game. - Send out review keys to content creators and press to increase visibility and potential sales. In this video, a game developer shares tips for marketing indie games, emphasizing the importance of creating an appealing game, being honest in marketing, translating the game into multiple languages, publishing on different platforms, and continuously updating and improving the game to maximize sales potential.

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Making the Correct Game
Develop a game that doesn't already exist to avoid competing with successful games.
Ensure the game is something people want to play by conducting playtesting and gauging interest in the game idea.
Make a game that benefits from content creators by being highly replayable.
Visual quality is crucial for a game's appeal.
The first thing people notice about a game is its visuals.
Investing time into the look of your game is worth it.
Good visuals make people think the game is good.
Visuals should communicate the fantasy of the game.
Make a game that is appealing and contagious for marketing success.
Focus on creating a strong fantasy and art style that aligns with the game's appeal.
Make the game easy to recommend and share, such as through fun stories or multiplayer features.
The next step in marketing is to make sure people know your game exists.
There's no right or wrong time to start sharing or marketing your game.
Social media is a powerful tool for building an audience and marketing games.
Quality posts on social media are more profitable than quantity.
Setting up a store page early and gathering wish lists is important for a successful launch.
Setting up a compelling store page early is important for driving sales on Steam.
A high conversion rate on your store page will increase the likelihood of Steam promoting it to a larger audience.
Pay attention to the text on your Steam page, as users can tag games with certain text and developers can also add or delete text to better describe their game.
Key marketing assets for promoting your game on Steam are the trailer and the thumbnail image.
Create a trailer that effectively communicates what your game is about and why it's special.
The thumbnail for your game is a crucial marketing asset, as it influences whether people click to view your store page.
Paying attention to your game's release date is important, as you want to avoid major game releases and consider the best day of the week for media coverage.
Tips for promoting your game to the press and getting media coverage.
Publish a press release on websites like gamespress.com to announce and promote your game.
Create a press kit with game assets and information for journalists to use when writing about your game.
Contact games press and provide review keys and press kit to increase the likelihood of coverage.
Consider embargoing in-depth reviews before the release date to maximize traffic when the game is available.
Send review keys to content creators and games press to increase coverage and visibility for your game.
Honest marketing approach for the game Islanders
Islanders is positioned as a small casual city builder, not offering the same depth and late-game features as other complex city builders.
Being honest with marketing helps the game stand out and sets realistic expectations for players.
Setting realistic expectations leads to better review scores and more positive reviews on platforms like Steam.
Honest marketing is consumer-friendly and also benefits the developer.
However, honest marketing only works if you have a good game.
💫 FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How did the developer make the game 'Islanders' successful?

The developer attributes the success of the game 'Islanders' to making the correct game, focusing on a unique game concept, ensuring high replay value for content creators, and creating an appealing fantasy for players.

2. What did the developer consider important in making the correct game?

The developer emphasized the importance of creating a game that doesn't already exist, avoiding direct competition with successful games, and ensuring that the game is something people want to play. Additionally, they highlighted the benefit of making a game that is highly replayable for content creators.

3. How did the developer ensure high replay value for content creators in the game 'Islanders'?

The developer focused on creating a game with high replay value for content creators by making it fun to watch, allowing for player creativity, and ensuring it was easily understandable for viewers. They also mentioned the benefit of making a game that people would enjoy watching others play.

4. What factors did the developer identify in creating an appealing fantasy for players?

The developer emphasized the importance of a strong fantasy that aligns with something people would like to do in real life. They used the examples of building a beautiful city on an island in the game 'Islanders' and flying with a wingsuit in the game 'Superflight' as appealing fantasies for players.

5. Why are visuals important in game development?

Visuals are important in game development because they are the first thing people see and can greatly impact how a game is perceived. Creating visually satisfying games can make the game more appealing and marketable.

6. What are the key factors in creating appeal for a game?

The key factors in creating appeal for a game are a strong fantasy, a unique art style that complements the fantasy, and visuals that effectively communicate the game's appeal.

7. How important is marketing in the success of a game?

Marketing is crucial for the success of a game. Creating a game with strong visual appeal and effectively communicating its fantasy can make marketing easier, but getting the word out through social media and building an audience is also important.

8. When should game developers start marketing their games?

There is no right or wrong time to start marketing a game. Some games benefit from early marketing, while others can be successfully marketed closer to their launch. Building an audience through social media and focusing on key channels like YouTube and Twitter can greatly help in the marketing process.

9. Why is creating a game that is contagious important?

Creating a game that is contagious, where players naturally want to share their experiences and screenshots, can greatly contribute to its success. This can be achieved through appealing visuals, a strong fantasy, and a unique art style that resonates with players.

10. Why is it important to have a well-designed store page on Steam?

Having a well-designed store page on Steam is important because it is where people decide whether they want to buy the game or not. A higher conversion rate from visitors to purchasers can also lead to more promotion from Steam.

11. What are the important marketing assets for promoting a game on Steam?

The important marketing assets for promoting a game on Steam include a well-designed store page, a compelling trailer that communicates the game's key features, and an appealing thumbnail that encourages users to click and view the store page.

12. How can developers effectively promote their games on Steam?

Developers can effectively promote their games on Steam by paying attention to their store page design, creating a compelling trailer, and ensuring an appealing thumbnail. They should also consider the release date, publishing press releases, setting up a press kit, and contacting games press for coverage.

13. What role does the store page thumbnail play in promoting a game on Steam?

The store page thumbnail is a crucial marketing asset on Steam as it is the first thing users see and can determine whether they click to view the store page. It is important to have a high-quality and appealing thumbnail to attract potential buyers.

14. Why is the release date an important factor in promoting a game on Steam?

The release date is an important factor in promoting a game on Steam because it can affect the level of attention and competition from other game releases. Choosing the right release date and effectively promoting the game around that time can impact its success.

15. What is the key advantage of being honest about your game in marketing, according to the video?

The key advantage of being honest about your game in marketing is that it helps set the correct expectations for players, leading to better review scores and more positive feedback.

16. How does translating your game into different languages contribute to increasing sales?

Translating the game into different languages can potentially double the sales, as it allows the game to reach a wider audience on platforms like Steam.

17. What are the benefits of publishing a game on multiple storefronts?

Publishing a game on multiple storefronts can lead to additional sales, as it allows the game to reach more players and cater to different preferences.

18. In what way does updating and improving your game contribute to its success?

Updating and improving the game gives players a reason to revisit and recommend it, ultimately leading to long-term sales growth and a more satisfied player base.

19. What is the potential impact of having a more updated game on sales?

Having a more updated game can lead to long-term sales growth and a more satisfied player base, as it gives players a reason to revisit and recommend the game.