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Who Is Rainger FX?

JHS Pedals2019-02-14
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David Ranger, a pedal designer, started creating unique guitar pedals out of a desire to sound like a rock god. He learned circuit design and successfully built an Elektra fuzz pedal. Despite initial doubts, his pedals gained positive reception and demand. Ranger emphasizes branding and visual appeal, working with a graphic designer for unique designs. He discusses the Tone Bender pedal's significance and a collaboration that resulted in a unique control feature. The importance of pushing boundaries in effect design is highlighted, aiming to inspire creativity and innovation. Ranger reflects on leaving a legacy to inspire others in the industry.

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David Ranger's journey into pedal building and design.
Ranger's interest in sounding like a rock god led him to experiment with pedals and modify them during his time as a journalist for musician magazines.
Learning circuit design from books and the internet, Ranger successfully built an Elektra fuzz pedal.
Ranger's passion for creating and experimenting with circuits continues to be the driving force behind his work today.
Creating Unique Guitar Pedals
The speaker talks about his initial inspiration for creating guitar pedals and the detailed process involved in designing and selling them.
Despite initial doubts, there was a positive reception and demand for his products.
The speaker expresses his love for the branding aspect of his work and the satisfaction of seeing people appreciate and purchase his pedals.
Overall, he is delighted by the success and recognition his creations have received.
Importance of branding and visual appeal in product design.
Use of bright colors and attractive designs to enhance branding.
Collaboration with a graphic designer from New York to improve branding.
Discussion of the significance of the Tone Bender pedal in the speaker's collection.
Story of collaborating with a pedal maker to create a unique control feature for a 'monster' effect.
Contrasting tones of different guitar pedals are discussed, with one side sounding huge and chunky and the other side sounding unnatural.
The speaker shares their experience of creating a pedal prototype and the positive reception it received at a shop.
Importance of pushing boundaries and trying new things in effect design is highlighted, focusing on inspiring creativity and innovation.
The segment concludes with a reflection on leaving a legacy to inspire others, emphasizing the impact of pushing boundaries and achieving mission success.