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Everything You Need to Know About Old Blood Noise Pedals

JHS Pedals2022-07-15
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Old Blood Noise Endeavors, founded by Brady Smith and Seth McCarroll, released over 20 pedals, including the Black Fountain. Unique pedals like the Sunlight Dynamic Reverb and Fault Overdrive Distortion offer versatile tones. The Black Fountain evolved into the Haunt and Alpha pedals. Vintage pedals like the Session Man 1 and 2 are discussed, along with the importance of accurate pedal identification. The video explores the impact of material possessions on happiness and mondegreen in song lyrics. The segment ends with a creative discussion on experimental blues and a preference for the Dark Star pedal. The speaker highlights the innovative designs and collaborations of Old Blood Noise founders.

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Old Blood Noise Endeavors founding and philosophy.
Founded in 2014 by Brady Smith and Seth McCarroll after bonding over Danish cinema and sci-fi films.
Over 20 pedals released since then, including the Black Fountain, with 'Old Blood' symbolizing experience and 'Noise' representing the music they enjoy.
Successful YouTube show 'Coffee and Riffs' launched in 2014 showcasing their products.
Sunlight Dynamic Reverb pedal creates beautiful reverb pads and the Fault Overdrive Distortion pedal is a clone derivative that impressed the speaker.
Unique pedal with 3-band slider EQ and voice control offers versatile tone options.
Gain controls for overdrive and distortion included in the pedal design.
Creators wrote a fictional movie script about two sisters, Daylight and Darkstar, governing day and night.
Script symbolizes peace in the cosmos but introduces conflict with a hunger for power.
Pedal concept and story are inspired by the fictional movie script.
Discussion of the Fault pedal and Black Fountain pedal in a YouTube video segment.
The Fault pedal, designed by Evan Cohen and John Carling, features unique artwork with screen printed comics and posters.
The Black Fountain pedal replicates vintage oil can delays and offers modern and organ modes.
The speaker praises the care and creativity put into the design of the Fault pedal and expresses excitement about its features.
The speaker mentions a desire to incorporate the Black Fountain pedal into their music setup.
Speaker prefers old version of pedal due to sentimental value and attachment.
Mistaken reference to version two corrected to version three.
Preference for older technology emphasized, encourages viewers to buy old version if preferred.
Introduction of clone pedal that excites speaker due to affordability compared to other options.
Evolution of the Black Fountain pedal by Old Blood Noise.
The pedal was initially sold as a fundraiser but later became the Haunt and Alpha pedals.
The pedals are versatile, covering overdrive and fuzz needs.
The design features artwork by Daniel Danger inspired by a gallery painting.
The pedal offers unique sound capabilities such as frozen sounds and detuning effects.
Discussion on delay pedal with unique features and captivating design.
Reflection on the impact of material possessions on happiness and wellbeing.
Contemplation on the evolving nature of desires over time.
Exploration of mondegreen, misheard word or phrase in song lyrics.
Personal anecdote about mishearing lyrics in youth and potential misunderstandings in communication.
Discussion of vintage pedals from Old Blood Noise Endeavors, focusing on Session Man 1 and 2.
Correction made on pedal identification, clarifying that it is the Fat Cat, not the Tube Screamer TS10, combined with the chorus.
Emphasis on differences between distortion and overdrive effects for musicians.
Importance of accurate pedal identification highlighted for musicians.
Josh experiments with pedal effects like chorus and delay to create unique sounds.
He envisions a scenario on Pluto where a blues band receives a pedal from Amazon Prime to innovate their music.
The concept of experimental blues on Pluto sparks a discussion about pushing boundaries and trying new styles.
Josh reflects on his space experimental blues solo, admitting it didn't go as planned.
Overview of the Dark Star Pad Reverb Pedal.
The pedal features crush settings and pitch delay, offering unique sound options.
The pitch can be controlled with a knob, demonstrating the pedal's versatility.
Despite a different brand being favored by an employee, the speaker prefers the Dark Star pedal.
The segment emphasizes embracing both sadness and joy, ending with a musical performance and mentions of other pedals in the line.
Overview of effects pedals and functionalities.
Explanation of chorus, delay, and modulation devices and their unique features.
Introduction to Old Blood Noise pedal company and their collaborative design approach.
Praise for founders Brady and Seth for creating pedals reflecting their personalities.
Recommendation for music record and personal connection to band Starflyer59.
Evolution of Guitar Pedals
The speaker delves into the history and development of guitar pedals, emphasizing the changes in design and production techniques over time.
Mention of Specific Companies
Specific companies like Old Blood Noise and Earthquaker are highlighted for their artistic approach to creating guitar pedals.
Speaker's Involvement and Appreciation
The speaker discusses his own involvement in writing about guitar pedals and emphasizes the unique aesthetic and functional aspects of these musical devices.
Overall Appreciation
The segment conveys a deep appreciation for the artistry and innovation within the guitar pedal industry.