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Danelectro's Greatest Budget Line

JHS Pedals2020-08-28
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The video explores the controversial Fab series of budget pedals, including the Fab Metal pedal based on the DOD Grunge pedal. It also discusses the innovative Fab delay and overdrive pedals, as well as the rare Nadines overdrive pedal. The confusion over the circuit design of the Fab Fuzz pedal is highlighted, along with the unique features of the Fab chorus and distortion pedals. Additionally, the video touches on The Beatles' 'Yesterday and Today' album cover controversy and encourages support for the show through merchandise and Patreon for exclusive content and giveaways.

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Controversy surrounding the Fab series of pedals from 2005.
Low prices and high sales volume of the pedals caused Guitar Center to cancel them due to their impact on revenue.
The Fab Metal pedal is a modified version of the DOD Grunge pedal, challenging perceptions of metal and grunge tones.
The video delves into conspiracy theories surrounding the pedals' origins and sonic characteristics.
Overview of the 600 millisecond delay and fab overdrive pedals.
The delay pedal features a wide delay time range using the PT2399 chipset, initially designed for karaoke machines.
The fab overdrive is said to accurately replicate tube amp breakup at full volume, with a history dating back to 1975.
Both pedals are budget-friendly, user-friendly, and offer high sound quality.
The segment highlights the innovation and impact of these pedals in the music industry.
Origins of the Nadines overdrive pedal from a store in Hollywood named Nadines.
Creation of unique pedals like distortion and overdrive under the Nadines label.
The pedal was made in Japan and replicated perfectly, with limited availability making them incredibly rare.
Recommended by Brian Setzer of Den Electro, adding to its desirability among collectors.
Continued search for the original Nadines overdrive pedal due to its scarcity and historical significance.
Review of the Fab Fuzz pedal.
The speaker is confused and frustrated by the unclear circuit design, suggesting it is unlike other known models.
Despite uncertainty about its origin, the speaker speculates it is an original creation with a unique purple color scheme, humorously calling it the 'Joker Fuzz'.
The speaker compares the pedal to digital pedals in terms of its original engineering.
The segment ends with the speaker noting the pedal's affordable price of $29.99.
Overview of chorus and distortion pedals in the segment.
Chorus pedal features a pt2399 karaoke chipset and costs $19.99, while the Fab Distortion pedal is priced at $18.95 and inspired by a 70s Japanese effects maker.
Confusion over the origins of the Fab Distortion pedal and comparison to other classic pedals.
Mention of boutique pedal makers reissuing the original distortion box at a higher price point.
The Beatles' album 'Yesterday and Today' released in June 1966 featured two controversial covers, one being the 'butcher cover' with strange imagery.
The album is a clean, family-friendly version with a fun design, serving as an introduction to The Beatles with tracks like 'Yesterday,' 'Nowhere Man,' and 'Day Tripper.'
'Yesterday and Today' has a late 60s greatest hits vibe, making it a unique addition to the band's discography.
Viewers are encouraged to share their favorite Beatles album in the comments and check out the 'Who is Dan Electro' episode for more insights.
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