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How Deltec Bank Embraced Innovation & Crypto. An In-Depth Chat With Chairman of Deltec Jean Chalopin

Henri Arslanian2022-06-29
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The video features an interview with Jean-Charles, CEO of Deltek Group, discussing his career in TV production and banking. They highlight the success of shows like Inspector Gadget and delve into the transition to crypto banking. The importance of innovation, teamwork, and adapting to new technologies is emphasized, along with insights into the future of finance. The interview concludes with praise for the innovative insurance company Realm and the potential impact of AI and VR on the financial industry. The speaker advocates for making banking more engaging and enjoyable for customers while exploring the evolution of the crypto ecosystem and global finance.

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Introduction to Jean-Charles CEO of Deltek Group on the Future of Money podcast.
Jean-Charles shares career insights and inspirations, including creating TV series like Inspector Gadget and The Mysterious Citadel.
Host expresses admiration for Jean's work and plans to delve into Inspector Gadget in an upcoming interview.
Speaker's journey from advertising to successful companies in various countries.
Speaker's instant success in the animation industry, becoming the largest worldwide production company.
Company produced popular shows like Inspector Gadget, The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Care Bears, and He-Man.
Speaker heavily involved in writing and production roles, leading to rapid growth and international recognition.
Importance of teamwork in TV and movie production.
Collaboration with artists to bring creative ideas to life.
Reflecting on the fun experienced while working on creative projects.
Emphasizing the value of enjoyment and creativity in all aspects of life.
Positive attitude and teamwork can enhance the enjoyment and success of any task.
Importance of passion and purpose in work.
Speaker transitioned from clown to banking.
Admiration for CEO's forward-thinking mindset.
Emphasis on staying passionate about innovation and the future despite age.
Emphasizing the importance of imagination and support for innovators in shaping the future.
Belief in translating the world of tomorrow into today through innovative ideas.
Regulated entities play a key role in facilitating the transition towards the future.
The impact of visionary individuals, such as the chairman of cftc, in driving innovation forward.
Deltek's early adoption of crypto and pioneering role in traditional banking and emerging technologies.
Transitioning from fear and lack of understanding to comfort with crypto in banking.
Emphasizing the importance of education and learning from experts in the crypto space.
Highlighting the safety and traceability benefits of crypto over fiat currency.
Noting that transactions can be traced and trusted from their origin.
Stressing the importance of engaging with reputable individuals in the crypto space.
Importance of Responsible Behavior and Thorough Research in the Crypto Space.
Majority of people in the crypto space are good actors who contribute to charitable causes.
Presence of bad actors in the industry is acknowledged.
Challenges faced with correspondent banks in the past are reflected upon.
The speaker's bank was one of the first to deeply investigate crypto and take necessary precautions to mitigate risks.
Importance of Risk Management and Compliance in Banking Industry
Emphasis on avoiding money laundering, terrorism financing, and illegal activities in innovative businesses like crypto.
Need for advanced technology for better risk assessment in today's banking environment.
Comparison of manual processes from 10 years ago to current automated systems.
Highlight on the trustworthiness of technology in the crypto world and decision-making control on currency involvement like Monero and Zcash.
Importance of understanding and learning in innovation.
Emphasis on education and continuous improvement in the field.
Role of insurance companies in supporting innovators.
Challenges faced by innovators with new, misunderstood ideas.
Advocacy for surrounding oneself with supportive individuals to make informed decisions.
Discussion on Realm, an insurance company serving the crypto space.
Realm, a part of the Deltek group, provides insurance for the majority of the crypto industry.
Challenges in building Realm included cultural shifts, understanding various sectors, and meeting corporate client needs.
Expansion of services to innovators led to the establishment of Realm.
Bermuda is emphasized as a crucial location for insurance, especially reinsurance, influencing Realm's direction.
Realm is an innovative insurance company experiencing rapid growth but struggling to meet demand.
The company highlights the importance of risk assessment in the insurance industry.
Despite being a small team, Realm is expanding quickly and gaining recognition in the industry.
Realm is praised for being a pioneer in crypto insurance, similar to Dell Tech's early adoption of crypto.
The company is commended for its forward-thinking approach, including exploring AI, VR, and quantum technologies.
The future of finance will involve a convergence of artificial intelligence with wealth management, natural language understanding, and translation capabilities.
This merging of technologies will lead to easier global communication and the disappearance of borders in terms of communication between people.
Virtual reality is expected to advance with integrated systems that are more user-friendly, allowing for activities like banking and shopping in a VR world seen through glasses.
The speaker emphasizes the importance of having fun in life and suggests that even banking and insurance experiences could be made more enjoyable.
Importance of making banking interactions more pleasant and engaging through technology and gamification.
Changing the perception of banking from being serious and boring to enjoyable.
Emphasizing the low number of bad actors in society compared to the suspicion faced by everyone.
Advocating for creating a more positive relationship with customers by incorporating fun and game-like elements into financial education.
Success of Bahamas in the crypto ecosystem.
Bahamas was the first to embrace crypto, paving the way for others.
Good dialogue with regulators like the security commission and central bank.
Education and effort in understanding digital assets led to new regulations by the securities commission.
Proactive approach to the industry shown by Bahamas.
Importance of attracting people to projects like FTX and the role of success and failure in the process.
Regulators' intelligence and engagement are crucial, with the Bahamas regulators being particularly impressive.
Quick-fire questions about the crypto industry, focusing on its potential impact on global finance, poverty, fraud, and crime.
Excitement about crypto's ability to bring transparency and accountability at a government level, preventing individuals from hiding their activities.
Praise for Sam Bankman-Fried and Silvergate Bank in the crypto industry.
Sam Bankman-Fried recognized for his business acumen and focus on creating wealth.
Silvergate Bank praised for pragmatic and intelligent handling of crypto activities.
Mention of speaker's passion for biotech and longevity research.
Emphasis on potential for technological advancements to improve quality of life in the future.
Speaker's admiration for French writer Balzac and the impact of his prolific writing.
Expresses desire to meet Balzac and reflects on the importance of his work.
Promotes his book on crypto and online classes as valuable resources for learning about the asset class, especially for those in finance.
Thanks the audience and anticipates future interactions in the Bahamas.
Conclusion of the video segment.
Speaker expresses gratitude to listeners for joining and looks forward to connecting again.
Music plays in the background to create a sense of closure and farewell.