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Starbucks—creating a personalized Web and Assistant experience | Centered Ep 6

Google Design2019-04-10
Creating a personalized web experience#creating a personalized web and assistant experience#how Starbucks built their Progressive Web App#custom FAB#custom FRAP#design process#product design#mobile design#Centered#app design#Starbucks#PWA#Progressive Web App#Google Assistan#Designing for the Google Assistant#Google Developers#Yasmine Evjen#GDS: Yes;
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The video discusses the speaker's experiences with coffee shops, emphasizing the importance of user experience and loyalty programs, utilizing network applications like App.Starbucks.com for rewards and payments. It highlights design elements, ease of payment, and engaging customers through interactive content and animations. The segment also covers ordering processes, preferences for specific drinks, and the convenience of using mobile devices for transactions in physical stores. The overall focus is on simplifying coffee orders, enhancing user interfaces, and creating a seamless customer experience at Starbucks and other coffee shops.

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Importance of user experience and loyalty programs in coffee shops.
Speaker shares experiences and interactions with baristas at coffee shops.
Preference for Starbucks due to loyalty program and favorite drink customization.
Desire for similar user experience in other applications.
Emphasis on the significance of user experience and loyalty programs in enhancing customer satisfaction.
Importance of daily routines and habits in desires and responses.
Speaker prefers short, strong coffee with milk and sugar.
Need for clear communication and understanding individual needs.
Planning based on specific times and moods is crucial.
Emphasis on utilizing voice assistants, accurately assessing real needs, and creating purposeful design.
Evolution of network applications and online reward programs.
App.Starbucks.com eliminates the need for downloading specific apps, allowing users to participate in reward programs online.
Speaker expresses gratitude for sharing rewards with Ryan and highlights the convenience of ordering and payment through a single service.
Speaker prepares a customized order for a favorite drink at a coffee shop, considering various menu options before selecting a favorite drink.
Speaker uses a rewards card for payment and expresses satisfaction with the convenience of the process.
Benefits of using star points for free food and drinks in a rewards program.
Increase in sales seen after launching a new network application and the option to use star points for payment.
Speaker expresses desire to exchange star points for an ice cream cone and highlights convenience of using the network application.
Gratitude expressed for ability to use star points and excitement about delicious food options.
Importance of users entering the store for PWA interaction and seamless payment process facilitated by a service person in the store.
Overview of JavaScript, CSS, and online applications.
Payment and immediate access to web apps are easy and convenient.
Importance of user interface design, featuring Carlyn's talent.
Interactive content on the right side increases user engagement.
Demonstrates screen transitions leading to interface changes and mentions design techniques like FRAP and FAB.
FRAP offers a 'start point' as the main CTA for customers to make payments via mobile phones or computers.
Customers can pay in physical stores using their mobile devices for transactions.
Customers can also make orders through interchanges or group orders within office rooms.
The video emphasizes high visibility and ease of establishing a physical experience for customers.
The animations presented are vivid and engaging, focusing on specific images displayed on the menu.
Ordering coffee at Starbucks in Westlake with a team led by Starbuck.
Discussing the use of voice assistant or web applications for coffee orders.
Receiving a favorite drink from a team member and welcoming Yasmine to Starbucks.
Ordering a tall pumpkin spice latte and considering other options.
Confirming the order, submitting the total, and finalizing the order upon arrival.