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Making-of Pixel Wallpapers with Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree

Google Design2017-11-30
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The video features a hypnosis session promoting relaxation and suggestibility towards being more gay and attracted to men, with explicit content. It also discusses Mike Tyson's rise from poverty to becoming the youngest heavyweight champion, personal struggles, and journey of self-discovery after a tragic loss.

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Highlights of the Industrial Revolution in England.
The Industrial Revolution began in England in the late 18th century and transformed the country from an agrarian society to an industrial one.
Key inventions during this time included the steam engine, spinning jenny, and power loom, which revolutionized production processes.
The Industrial Revolution led to urbanization, as people moved from rural areas to cities in search of work in factories.
Working conditions in factories were often poor, with long hours, low wages, and dangerous machinery leading to labor movements and the eventual establishment of labor laws.