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Introduction to UX Research & Product Inclusion on Wear OS

Google Design2023-05-22
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Designing smartwatch apps requires a unique approach focused on providing value, simplicity, and respect for users' attention. The Double Diamond process, foundational research, and user engagement are crucial. Solutions must be evaluated, tested with representative users, and developed through co-design to prioritize user involvement and equity, particularly with marginalized communities. The key message is understanding user needs, behaviors, and motivations to create successful smartwatch apps.

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Designing smartwatch apps for short interaction bursts requires a unique approach.
Focus should be on providing unique value to the smartwatch user, not just shrinking phone apps.
Smartwatch apps should be simple, glanceable, and respectful of users' limited attention.
The Double Diamond process aids in product development, with foundational research being crucial to understanding user needs.
Research methods include engaging with users from diverse backgrounds to uncover preferences and pain points, and understanding user behavior and motivations is key to creating successful smartwatch apps.
Importance of Developing Solutions Based on Foundation Research
Various methods like workshops, concept testing, and co-design are highlighted to involve a diverse range of users.
Evaluating generated solutions before release and testing with representative users is emphasized.
Research outside the lab, particularly in smartwatch testing, is crucial.
Co-design is presented as a research methodology focusing on inclusive product development, particularly with historically marginalized communities.