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Design is [Emotion] – Emotionally Intelligent Design (Highlights)

Google Design2017-11-15
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The video explores the emotional bond between humans and technology, emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence in design. It discusses the complexity of emotions and the need for empathy and understanding in interpreting them. The future of emotional intelligence involves a blend of machine learning and affective computing, aiming to humanize technology for better interactions and relationships, with a focus on inclusivity and ethical practices.

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📊 Transcript
The emotional bond people have with technology is explored, with a focus on anthropomorphizing it.
Emotions and cognition are discussed as being complex and intertwined, challenging traditional theories.
The future of emotional intelligence is predicted to involve a combination of machine learning and affective computing to interpret emotions.
Ambiguity in interpreting emotions and expressions is highlighted, emphasizing the need for empathy and understanding.
The importance of incorporating emotional design into experiences and humanizing technology for improved interactions is emphasized.
Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Design
Emotional intelligence is emphasized as a crucial aspect of human intelligence, necessary for building relationships.
The speaker emphasizes inclusivity and careful consideration in discussions about human intelligence.
The audience commits to respecting human emotions in design, promoting ethical and empathetic practices in technology development.