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Jeff Goldblum Explains Jeff Goldblum Lyric References | Between The Lines

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Jeff Goldblum discusses his music career, reacts to being name-dropped in songs, analyzes rap lyrics, and shares thoughts on various tracks. He reflects on his appearance, discusses a song by Canibus, and expresses surprise at the success of Jurassic Park. Overall, he appreciates the musical references made to him and expresses gratitude for the honor received.

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Jeff Goldblum discusses his music career and reacts to being name-dropped in songs.
Goldblum appreciates the references and humor in the lyrics of songs like 'Sweatpants' by Childish Gambino.
He analyzes 'Victory' by Notorious B.I.G., breaking down the lyrics and discussing the reference to Jurassic Park.
Goldblum humorously comments on his mustache and shares his thoughts on the song 'Almost Cut My Hair' by Milo.
He expresses gratitude and enjoyment for the musical references made to him.
Analysis of rap lyrics from 'Deep Cover', 'Rap God', 'Outta Control Freestyle', and 'Which Side Are You On', as well as the movie 'Independence Day'.
Eminem's name origin and references to Thor and Odin are discussed in relation to the rap lyrics.
Social and political themes in the lyrics are compared to 'Law & Order' in terms of messaging and impact.
Breakdown of specific verses from Joell Ortiz and Talib Kweli's songs to explore deeper meanings and intentions behind the lyrics.
Speaker reflects on dyeing his hair and impact on appearance during show.
Discussion of Canibus song and its connection to marijuana.
Mention of lyrics about Jurassic Park and comedic twist in song's content.
Surprise at success of Jurassic Park and challenges of creating popular movies.
Appreciation of honor received and gratitude expressed.