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Blac Chyna Explains Lyric References (Drake, Nicki Minaj, Future) | Between The Lines

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Blac Chyna discusses her rise from a garage recording artist to collaborating with big names like Drake and Lil Wayne. She reflects on her past as a stripper, college experience, and the importance of pursuing passion over money. Chyna emphasizes the need for thick skin in handling public opinion and criticism in the celebrity world.

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Blac Chyna talks about her music journey and collaborations.
Chyna started recording music in a garage and now has a studio in her house.
She emphasizes the importance of conveying emotions through music.
Chyna expresses gratitude for being mentioned in songs by Drake and Lil Wayne.
She values recognition in songs by artists like Cordae and Lil Wayne.
Blac Chyna reflects on her journey from being a stripper to her current career in modeling and music videos.
Chyna discusses her college experience at Johnson and Wales University and how it has impacted her career.
The different connotations of the word 'bitch' based on context are explored by Chyna.
Chyna shares her interactions with celebrities like Fat Joe and Kash Doll.
The importance of pursuing passion over money and how belief from just one person can boost confidence and lead to success in the celebrity world is emphasized by Chyna.
Importance of having a thick skin in dealing with public opinion and criticism.
People will alternate between loving and hating you.
Having a clear mindset and resilience will help you navigate through it all.