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Nvidia & Tesla = This Changes Everything

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Tesla's stock surged due to the highly praised FSD beta version 12.3, with Michael Dell and Elon Musk endorsing it. Nvidia's AI chips, particularly the H100s, may be acquired by Tesla in 2023 for significant progress in achieving Full Self-Driving capabilities. Nvidia's advancements in AI and robotics, like Groot and Thor projects, show promise in revolutionizing industries. Despite the expensive costs of Nvidia's new h100 chips, analysts predict continued revenue growth until at least 2026. Nvidia's potential for growth is compared to tech giants like Apple, with projections of doubling or tripling its stock value. The speaker expresses confidence in Nvidia's growth potential, envisioning a market cap surpassing $10 trillion.

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Tesla stock surges due to FSD beta version 12.3 and market assets reach all-time high.
FSD beta version 12.3 receives high praise for its improvements, with thousands of customers gaining access over the weekend.
Michael Dell compares Tesla FSD 12.3 to a human driver, adding to the positive reception.
Market assets surpass $6 trillion and approach $7 trillion, reaching an all-time high.
Importance of engaging with the video content by hitting the like button and subscribing is emphasized.
Elon Musk praises Nvidia's AI chips and expresses intention for Tesla to buy more.
Musk admires Nvidia's work and questions the necessity of Dojo, highlighting the importance of Nvidia's chips to Tesla.
Despite high costs, Tesla and other companies appreciate Nvidia's products.
The dynamic between Musk and Nvidia showcases the significance of Nvidia's contributions in the business world.
The richest man, Musk, acknowledges and appreciates Nvidia's hardware.
Nvidia's new AI training chips, likely H100s, may be acquired by Tesla in the second half of 2023.
This acquisition could lead to significant progress in 2024 and 2025, particularly in achieving Full Self-Driving (FSD) capabilities without human intervention.
The ultimate goal is for Tesla to surpass human driving abilities and enable autonomous vehicles to operate without a driver in the front seat.
Suggestions for Tesla to offer the first month of FSD subscription for free to encourage widespread adoption and gather valuable data from users.
Importance of Tesla offering a free trial of Full Self-Driving (FSD) feature and predicted price increase for Model Y EVs.
Free trial of FSD feature aims to attract more users and increase adoption rates.
Predicted price increase for Model Y EVs in April expected to boost Tesla's stock prices.
Positive outlook on Tesla's future profitability, especially with potential impact of Cybertruck on profit margins.
Speaker shares insights on buying Tesla stock and highlights the potential benefits for investors.
Nvidia unveils projects Groot and Thor to create humanoid robots.
Groot-powered robots will understand human language and mimic human movements.
The event showcasing advancements drew major attention with notable figures in attendance.
Nvidia's developments hint at a future where AI greatly impacts various sectors.
Nvidia's focus on AI and robotics signifies a promising future for technological advancements and innovation.
Challenges in Robotics Mimicking Human Actions.
Humans excel at natural movements like putting salsa on a chip, a task robots struggle with.
Machines are proficient in complex math and games, but replicating simple human actions remains a challenge.
Companies like Tesla invest in self-driving technology, but mimicking human actions is still a hurdle.
Nvidia's AI graphics processors aim to advance robotics by training systems to emulate human interactions and movements.
Nvidia's new h100 chips are powerful and costly, ranging from $25,000 to $40,000 per chip, with whole systems costing up to $200,000.
Companies are compelled to invest in these chips to remain competitive in the market.
Analysts anticipate Nvidia's revenue will continue to rise substantially, showing no signs of slowing until at least 2026.
Nvidia introduced a new product called Nim, which allows the utilization of older Nvidia GPUs for AI inference.
This enables companies to utilize existing hardware for AI processing, rather than purchasing access to AI services.
Nvidia's Enterprise program at $4,500 per GPU per year is a key part of their strategy for generating profits.
The shift towards software revenue is expected to bring in substantial income in the future, potentially boosting Nvidia's stock price.
Nvidia is compared to tech giants like Apple and Microsoft, showing potential for growth and strong market positioning.
Jensen Huang's leadership in technology is likened to Steve Jobs, highlighting his role in driving innovation and creating new industries.
Nvidia's impact on the tech industry is likened to Apple's, with Jensen being compared to Steve Jobs.
The company is known for groundbreaking innovations, high growth rates, and maintaining strong stock value.
Nvidia's workforce and leadership are commended for consistently delivering game-changing products.
Future growth potential, especially in AI chips, is highlighted, with projections of doubling or tripling current stock value.
Impressive gross and net margins position Nvidia as a key player in the tech industry, similar to Amazon or Meta.
Positive outlook on NVIDIA's growth potential.
NVIDIA is ahead of competitors like Intel and AMD and expected to continue outperforming them.
Emphasis on NVIDIA's strong cash flows and talented tech team, indicating potential for strategic acquisitions.
Predictions of NVIDIA surpassing Microsoft and Apple in market cap.
Overall, NVIDIA is seen as a lucrative investment opportunity with significant long-term growth prospects.
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