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Benzo Taper - Update - 1 Aug 2023

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In this video, Elijah provides an update on his Valium taper, sharing that he is not following a specific schedule but rather a symptom-based approach and is keeping himself busy with activities like work and concerts. He emphasizes the importance of consistency in dosing and taking a gentle, patient approach to tapering off benzodiazepines to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Elijah encourages others going through a similar experience to stay positive and firm, reminding them that the medication does not define them and that they will be just fine in the end.

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Elijah provides an update on his Valium taper, emphasizing a symptom-based approach and the importance of keeping busy.
Elijah is tapering off Valium at his own pace, based on a symptom-based approach.
He experiences rough mornings due to cortisol, but staying active helps.
Keeping busy with work and activities like playing drums and going to concerts helps keep his mindset going.
He emphasizes the importance of keeping the central nervous system stable by not touching other medications.
Consistency in dosing is important when tapering off benzos, and a slow, gentle approach is recommended to avoid post-acute withdrawal symptoms.
Dose at consistent times, and once adjusted, consider a slow micro taper.
Tapering should be gentle to avoid post-acute withdrawal symptoms.
Paradoxical reactions and high tolerance can occur with benzos, so it's important to find the right balance for tapering.
Elijah is tapering off a long-acting benzo, focusing on one dose at a time and not rushing the process.
Communication with a doctor and having a plan in place is important for a successful tapering process.
Open communication and having a plan of action with your doctor can help avoid being cut off or put on a quick taper.
Doctors are more likely to support a tapering plan if they see the patient is taking it seriously.
Tapering off medication takes time, and it's important to keep a steady pace to allow the body to adapt to the changes.
Time plays a big role in allowing the body to adjust during the tapering process.
Keeping a steady pace with tapering is important for the body to adapt.
Elijah acknowledges that not every day is perfect, but he is functional and able to enjoy life despite underlying uneasiness.