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Simple Method To Make $100 A Day Trading Cryptocurrency As A Beginner | Binance Tutorial Guide

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The video provides trading techniques for making $100 a day trading Bitcoin or altcoins, emphasizing the importance of platforms like Binance, charting on TradingView, and using CoinMarketCap for tracking price movements. It discusses various coins, market trends, long-term and day trading strategies, indicators like Bollinger Bands and RSI, and opportunities for profitable trading. The speaker promotes their 'Bitcoin Blueprint' for guidance on trading strategies and suggests stable, short-term trades for growing wealth with cryptocurrency on platforms like Binance, FEMEX, and Bybit.

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Techniques to make $100 a day trading Bitcoin or altcoins.
Finding coins to trade on platforms like Binance and charting them on TradingView is discussed.
Importance of using CoinMarketCap to track price movements and market health is emphasized, with the ability to filter and sort by time frames.
Examples of coins with significant gains and losses are provided as potential trading opportunities.
Personal strategies for identifying coins to trade based on price movements are shared as valuable tools for traders.
Discussion on various coins like Polkadot, NEO, AMP, and others, focusing on market cap and volume.
Importance of volume in trading, recommending at least 30-50 million for ease of trading.
Mention of cryptobubbles.net for fun analysis of coin charts.
Noting recent market trends with some coins down by 20-42%, highlighting trading opportunities.
Promotion of 'Bitcoin Blueprint' for profitable trading strategies with cryptocurrency.
Overview of long-term and day trading in cryptocurrency.
Strategies for investing and trading on platforms like Binance, FEMEX, and Bybit, with an emphasis on referral links for bonuses.
Tips on analyzing market trends, identifying profitable trades, and using platforms like Binance and TradingView.
Focus on Kusama (KSM) trading, analyzing performance and potential buying opportunities despite bearish trends.
Trading strategies using Bollinger Bands and RSI on Binance exchange.
Bollinger Bands show price movement between upper and lower bands, indicating potential trading opportunities.
RSI helps identify oversold conditions when below 30, combined with the price touching the lower Bollinger Band as a signal to enter trades.
Presenter demonstrates how to set up and interpret indicators for effective decision-making in day trading for profit.
Using oversold and overbought indicators like Bollinger Bands and RSI for profitable trading decisions.
Examples of potential profits by buying at oversold levels and selling at overbought levels are highlighted.
Importance of using multiple indicators for safer trading is emphasized.
Realistic examples are provided to demonstrate potential profit percentages within short timeframes.
The video emphasizes the potential profitability of trading with enough capital and making calculated decisions based on technical indicators.
Strategies for day trading and swing trading in the cryptocurrency market.
Importance of stability and short-term trades is emphasized for successful trading.
Finding different coins on CoinMarketCap for executing small trades aiming to be in and out within the day is recommended.
Viewers are encouraged to check out the Bitcoin Blueprint for guidance on making money and growing wealth with cryptocurrency.
Exchanges like Femax and BuyBit are mentioned, highlighting potential bonuses available for traders.