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How To Build A $1,000,000 Business On Instagram | Natalie Ellis (bossbabe)

Jay Clouse2023-01-02
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Natalie Ellis of Boss Babe discusses the evolution of Instagram, emphasizing building a real business over a personal brand. She shares insights on creating shareable content, converting followers into email subscribers, and the challenges of scaling. The importance of audience-building, separate brand entities, and writing skills in content creation is highlighted. Ellis prioritizes email marketing, utilizing Instagram reels for engagement. The shift towards more genuine, long-form content on Instagram is discussed, along with the competitive social media landscape. Personal branding's impact on lead generation and partnerships in business ventures are also addressed. Ellis emphasizes the importance of clear communication and financial discussions in partnerships. Building and sustaining successful products before expanding, the value of teams and outsourcing, and strategic collaborations based on aligned goals are key points covered. Ellis stresses the need for fulfillment in work and realistic perspectives when starting on social media platforms.

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Evolution of Instagram as a platform for creators.
Importance of building a real business over a personal brand.
Insights on creating shareable content and converting followers into email subscribers.
Need for openness to change in the entrepreneurial journey.
Reflections on the rapid growth and challenges of scaling a business like Boss Babe.
Importance of building an audience and community in business.
Emphasizing the value of having a dedicated following as an 'insurance policy' during uncertain times.
Success in attracting like-minded individuals through niche content on Instagram, focusing on entrepreneurship.
Growing a loyal audience of ambitious women by engaging with a specific persona and offering behind-the-scenes insights.
Prioritizing audience-building in future business ventures over product distribution.
Importance of creating a separate brand entity from personal social media accounts.
Building an audience on Instagram before launching the first business led to early success.
Trend of static, shareable posts without personal faces, focusing on fitness and food content.
Effectiveness of sassy quotes for virality.
Evolution of viral content strategies over time.
Evolution of viral content on Instagram towards more raw and unfiltered posts.
Shift towards less edited content that resonates with people and sparks engagement.
Importance of finding a balance between being empowering and confident without coming off as cocky.
Impact of expressing oneself online and the need to consider the type of attention being brought to oneself.
Importance of writing in content creation.
Hooks audience in first few minutes and delivers on expectations for engagement.
Despite rise of visual content, writing remains fundamental for effective communication.
Focus on Instagram over other platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn for content creation.
Value of staying true to preferred platform for content creation.
Importance of email marketing for community-building.
Owning platforms like email to avoid algorithm changes on social media.
Strategy of focusing on Instagram and email, potentially expanding to YouTube.
Using viral reels on Instagram to increase email subscriptions.
Successful conversion tactics like offering free guides or videos.
Key strategy for high engagement and downloads: Create specific reels with a freebie PDF called '30 days of content'.
Target a specific audience, hook them with valuable content, and make the next steps clear to drive engagement.
Analyzing viral reels in the same niche can provide insights on formatting and engagement techniques.
Focus on delivering quick, valuable content with a clear call to action.
Speaker's preferred format for efficiency in content creation is face-to-camera with lip-sync audio.
Importance of adding text call-to-actions in Instagram reels for engagement and virality.
Place call-to-action in last second to prompt viewers to read caption or visit bio link.
Embrace reels on Instagram for success as platform prioritizes new features like reels.
Utilize creative elements and strategies in reels to captivate audiences and drive traffic to content or products.
Instagram launched Stories and Reels for improved user experience and virality.
Reels were introduced to compete with TikTok and offer algorithmic favor for viral potential.
Metadata on reels allows for targeted content distribution and increased virality.
Hashtags are currently not important on Instagram, with captions being less crucial but still significant.
Captions should be concise and engaging, following a headline to deadline technique for maximum impact and clear call-to-actions.
Emphasis on authenticity and connection in Instagram content.
Evolution of content from perfectly curated to raw and real, including transformation pictures and unedited selfies.
Trend towards more genuine, long-form content like videos and carousels with hooks.
Prediction of continued move towards raw and real content as audience demands authenticity.
Strategies for navigating the competitive social media landscape.
Choose platforms strategically based on where ideal clients are located.
Focus on building trust efficiently to maximize audience engagement.
Utilize YouTube and podcasts for creating content with long-term value.
Balance personal brand content with company content to maximize output with minimal input.
Importance of personal branding and its impact on lead generation and conversions.
Personal branding complements the company's brand by highlighting the connection between people and brands.
The speaker plans to create content around their personal brand to provide a behind-the-scenes look at their life.
Differentiation between personal brand and company's brand, emphasizing the unique value each brings.
Managing concerns about personal branding detracting from the company's image effectively.
Key considerations for a successful business partnership.
Importance of discussing roles, contributions, disagreements, decision-making, and conflict resolution upfront.
Treating the partnership like a marriage, with shared assets and potential impact on business success.
Aligning visions for life and business goals to avoid conflicts.
Understanding each other's priorities, such as long-term objectives and focus on immediate cash flow.
Importance of honesty in financial conversations when entering a partnership.
Partners need to discuss revenue, growth, and compensation for each person's contributions.
Establishing a framework for compensation early on helps prevent conflicts later on.
Money should always be a topic of discussion in any partnership to avoid future issues.
Performance milestones and metrics should be considered for clarity and alignment between partners.
Discussion on partnership dynamics and fair distribution of income in business ventures.
Emphasis on considering individual contributions and circumstances to avoid default 50-50 splits.
Highlighting the importance of communication and reaching agreements that align with each person's roles and commitments.
Transitioning into business full-time versus keeping a job for security discussed as a factor in income distribution.
The need for open conversations to ensure fairness and comfort with decisions made in business partnerships.
Importance of having a clear Ideal Ascension model for businesses to resell products successfully.
Start in the product journey with either an expensive product or build gradually.
Distribution and sales strategies are crucial considerations for sustaining and selling products effectively.
Ascension refers to the steps in a customer's journey towards a desired outcome.
Understanding the overall customer journey is crucial to avoid creating unsuccessful products.
Importance of focusing on building and sustaining one successful product before expanding.
Ensure the initial product consistently attracts customers and runs smoothly without constant attention.
Jumping to new products too early can lead to a decline in the original product's performance and overall business success.
Establishing a strong foundation with one product before considering further growth and expansion is crucial.
Importance of building teams and hiring to support products in a business.
Outsourcing tasks that do not directly impact business growth and delegating responsibilities.
Value of collaboration as a key factor in company's success.
Focusing on entrepreneurship over creativity to create a sustainable business structure.
Emphasizing the need for a business to run without constant involvement.
Importance of prioritizing time for collaborations as a creator.
Align decisions with overarching goals or 'North Star'.
Evaluate if a collaboration will contribute to achieving goals or be a distraction.
Set clear boundaries and say no to opportunities that do not align with objectives.
Emphasize being intentional with collaborations based on current business objectives and personal fulfillment, especially as a new mother balancing work and family responsibilities.
Importance of finding fulfilling work and building wealth.
Challenges of gaining traction on Instagram and starting on social media platforms.
Emphasis on realistic perspective.
Mention of visiting bossbabe.com for more information.
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