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Not Your Daddy's Made In Mexico Fender

Casino Guitars2024-02-21
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Fender Mexico has significantly improved the quality of their guitars, with the 2024 models receiving high praise. Despite previous issues with quality control, recent improvements have been noted. The popularity of expensive models like the Mike McCready guitar is highlighted, along with the positive impact on pricing and quality. The video also mentions the reopening of guitar shops in the UK and USA. Overall, Fender Mexico has stepped up their game and produced exceptional instruments, with recommendations to visit various stores for guitar enthusiasts.

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📊 Transcript
Improvement in quality of Fender Mexico guitars.
The 2024 models are considered top-notch, surpassing previous batches.
The Mike McCree guitar is highly praised for its sound and finish.
Guitars are compared favorably to American Pro and Mod Shop models.
Transition in quality over the past year and a half has been impressive, leading to some of the best-made guitars.
Discussion on Fender guitar production issues during pandemic.
Quality control problems with fret, neck, and finishing previously observed.
Recent improvements in production quality noted.
Announcement of upcoming arrival of Roadworn 50s Butterscotch Blonde guitar.
Evolution of Fender Mexico guitars.
Improvements made over time and current quality.
Fender's involvement in quality control for higher-end lines.
Positive impact on pricing and quality.
Importance of maintaining high standards for guitars made in Mexico.
Discussion on the popularity and high demand for expensive guitars like the Mike McCready, Jason Isabells, and George Harrison models.
Mention of the high price tags and scarcity of certain guitars due to production issues and unexpected demand.
Reference to the Fender Mexico guitars and their cult following.
Humorous anecdote about a Neil Diamond tribute band playing a unique guitar.
Light-hearted interaction with a musician about owning a guitar store.
Reopening of Shops in the UK and USA
Wildwood and other stores like Peach, Music Villa, and Sims have reopened for business.
Viewers are encouraged to visit these stores and show support.
The video concludes with a message of gratitude and peace to the viewers.