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Jordan Peterson - Describes Women's Hottest Sexual Fantasy

Better Chapter2021-10-25
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Engineers at Google analyzed female pornographic literary products and identified male monster archetypes like vampire and billionaire. The study highlighted the importance of male dominance and aggression in popular fantasies. The female hero myth involves taming aggressive males and embracing chaos in romantic narratives. Females are portrayed as more complex due to their interactions with aggressive males.

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Analysis of female pornographic fantasies by Google engineers.
Typical plot involves an innocent woman encountering a male monster, with monster archetypes including vampire, werewolf, billionaire, pirate, and surgeon.
Themes of dominance and aggression are prevalent in popular female fantasies.
Importance of male dominance hierarchy and desire for aggression in shaping these fantasies.
Engineers approached the topic objectively, using data analysis to uncover insights.
Female hero myth involves encountering mysterious and aggressive males, taming them, and embracing chaos.
Aggression is considered essential but must be civilized in the narrative.
In romantic stories, females seduce and tame aggressive males, symbolizing their encounter with chaos.
Females are depicted as more complex due to their intricate lives, reflecting their interactions with aggressive males.