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I Tried Dropshipping For 7 Days From SCRATCH ($0-$1500/day)

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The video provides a detailed guide on scaling a dropshipping store to over $1,500 a day in sales by finding products with high potential through PP ads on TikTok, filtering by e-commerce, and analyzing website traffic. It emphasizes product differentiation, creating original video ads, and utilizing services like Viral Ecom Ads for successful ad performance. Tips on setting up smart performance campaigns for website conversions, launching CBO campaigns on TikTok and Facebook, and joining a free e-commerce community for valuable resources are also shared. Success stories and the importance of taking action are highlighted for aspiring dropshipping entrepreneurs in 2024.

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Scaling a Dropshipping Store to Over $1,500 a Day in Sales in 2024.
The process involves finding products using PP ads on TikTok and filtering by e-commerce, country, and ad type.
Focus on non-branded ads with high impressions to identify proven selling products within the last 30 days.
Leverage the success of these products to create better-performing ads and continuously scroll to find winning products.
The narrator offers a free community with winning product criteria for viewers to access.
Identifying high-potential products for dropshipping from AliExpress.
Filter products based on proven sales and conversion rates to find opportunities with high potential.
Use tools like Similar Web to analyze website traffic and ad spend for product selection.
Focus on products with significant ad impressions and monthly site visits for success in dropshipping.
Selling trending products with high ad spend, despite competition, can lead to success in dropshipping.
Strategies for Identifying Successful Products and Gaining a Competitive Edge.
Analyze customer preferences and unique features to identify successful products.
Utilize product differentiation to stand out in the market.
Use platforms like AliExpress to find trending products and import them into your store.
Consider customization options to offer a unique twist on popular items.
Importance of selling a winning product version with product differentiation and first-mover advantage in e-commerce.
Creating original video ads instead of using stolen content is emphasized to avoid legal issues and increase success chances.
Utilizing services like Viral Ecom Ads is recommended for Drop Shipping stores aiming for success in 2024.
The Split Testing Ad Package offered by Viral Ecom Ads includes one proven ad creative and four ad variations, ideal for testing different hooks for optimal results.
Viral Ecom ads offers quick ad delivery with unlimited revisions and a 15% off discount.
The owners have scaled stores successfully, focusing on high-quality creatives that convert well.
The video creator shares a product testing strategy using proven ad creatives that led to scaling to $1,500 a day.
Smart performance campaigns and CBOs are favored for testing, with impressive returns on ad spend.
The strategy aims for rapid store scaling and successful ad performance.
Setting up a smart performance campaign for website conversions.
Selecting campaign names, settings, and budget recommendations are crucial for success.
Testing and optimization goals, such as choosing conversion as the goal and setting delivery to maximum, are key strategies.
Tips on ad creative uploads are shared to enhance the effectiveness of the campaign.
Smart performance campaigns automate the process of finding high-performing ad combinations to increase conversions efficiently.
Tips for TikTok Ads Optimization
Start with uploading 4-6 video ads to reduce variables for testing.
Begin with offer-based ad text and assess creative strength.
Scale performance campaigns by launching CBO campaigns with top-performing creatives.
Identify proven winners based on performance data and create ad sets with only one creative to maximize efficiency.
Scaling a Facebook ad campaign using Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) strategy.
Duplicating and running multiple CBO campaigns alongside a smart performance campaign resulted in impressive return on ad spend and profitability.
Setting up CBO in the ads manager, selecting broad settings, and utilizing proven creatives from the smart performance campaign are essential steps in the process.
Successful scaling requires finding proven winners, high-converting video ad creatives, and a systematic approach to testing and scaling creatives.
The speaker highlights the importance of CBOs for scaling over smart performance campaigns.
Join the speaker's free e-commerce community for access to courses on product selection, Facebook ads, and email automation.
Success stories of individuals who have taken the course and seen positive results, such as getting their first sales, are highlighted.
Taking action and getting involved in the community are emphasized as key steps to starting a successful dropshipping store in 2024.