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Learn Live: Session View

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The video showcases Live's Session View for non-linear music creation, including adding, resizing, and grouping tracks, triggering scenes, and customizing settings. It also demonstrates assigning drums and bass to one bank and chords and lead to another on the crossfader. Recording into the Arrangement View and playback options are covered, allowing for seamless transitions between scenes and tracks.

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Overview of Live's Session View features.
Users can work on music creation in a non-linear way using audio or MIDI clips as one shots or loops.
Tracks can be added, resized, and grouped, scenes can be triggered, sections can be labeled and color-coded, and settings like BPM and time signature can be customized per scene.
The Session Record feature allows for easy recording and playback, with options for track visibility and CPU monitoring.
Stop button functionality can be controlled per clip for smooth transitions between scenes and tracks.
Assign drums and bass to bank A, and chords and lead to bank B on the crossfader.
Click and drag the crossfader to fade between the two banks.
Record a performance into the Arrangement View by hitting the Arrangement Record button and switching to the chorus.
Replay the recording by hitting the 'Back to Arrangement' button to playback from the Arrangement View instead of the Session View.