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Is It Still Worth Learning to Code? Amjad Masad Weighs In

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Learning to code remains valuable with advancements like GPT-3, allowing for quicker proficiency and impactful projects. A project creating a GPT-based site in Python on day 80 of learning demonstrates accessibility and efficiency. Coding skills lead to time savings, deeper digital understanding, and lucrative opportunities, emphasizing their transformative impact on tasks and professional development.

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Advancements like GPT-3 make learning to code worth it today.
The speaker became proficient in programming after 300 hours of learning, showcasing the potential for quicker proficiency with modern tools.
A project creating a GPT-based site to generate articles in The New York Times style was completed on day 80 of a 100-day Python learning program.
The accessibility and efficiency of learning coding skills are emphasized through the completion of the project.
Benefits of learning to code for non-developers.
Building a website using AI in 26 hours resulted in earning $1800, highlighting the efficiency of coding skills.
Coding skills offer transformative impact, making tasks quicker and more accessible in the digital landscape.
Acquiring coding knowledge has various professional and personal benefits, emphasizing its value in today's world.