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Big Ideas 2024: New Applications for Computer Vision and Video Intelligence with Kimberly Tan

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In 2024, advancements in computer vision and video intelligence are leading to new applications with significant potential for various industries. Companies are addressing the lack of modern systems by offering tailored hardware and software solutions, exemplified by Flock Safety's focus on community safety. The availability of video data, advancements in technology, and the use of Transformers in generative AI are driving innovation in vision applications. The importance of data privacy and regulations in video-centric technology is emphasized, with 2024 seen as a tipping point for widespread adoption of new technology beyond generative creative AI.

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Expansion of computer vision and video intelligence applications in 2024.
Many industries currently lack modern systems to fully utilize video data.
Businesses are adopting a hardware and software model to provide tailored solutions for customers.
Flock Safety is an example of a company focusing on community safety using this approach.
The strategy has potential for success in various industries beyond security applications.
Software eating the physical world: Leveraging video data for venture scale outcomes.
The proliferation of cameras in various settings is increasing the availability of video data.
Advancements in technology like cloud computing and edge computing are making it cost-efficient to process and analyze large amounts of video data.
The convergence of factors has created the potential for significant venture scale outcomes in the near future.
Transformers in generative AI are now being used for vision applications like image classification and object detection.
Flock Safety is demonstrating success in selling into challenging markets, paving the way for new business models.
AI innovation has potential applications in transportation for efficient item delivery, Industrials for workplace safety compliance, and agriculture for monitoring livestock and crops.
Computer vision technology is improving efficiency, streamlining manual processes, and enhancing safety in various industries.
Importance of data privacy and regulations in video-centric technology.
Emphasis on protecting individuals' privacy rights while using technology to enhance lives.
Companies encouraged to work with stakeholders to address regulatory and personal concerns.
2024 highlighted as a potential tipping point for widespread adoption of new technology.
Factors such as labor shortages and software innovation are driving the shift towards new technology.
AI applications beyond generative creative technology are being explored by companies for brick-and-mortar physical use cases.
Many businesses have found success by incorporating AI in various aspects of their operations.
New founders are now looking to successful companies as models to emulate, marking a shift in the industry.
Upcoming topics in the video include a new age of maritime exploration, AI-first games, and the rise of voice-first apps.
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