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NationBuilder's CEO discusses the platform's impact on elections, challenging traditional campaign methods. The importance of voter files, Scottish National Party's successful use of NationBuilder, and Trump's energized campaign are highlighted. The speaker emphasizes individual agency in shaping the world, the polarization of society, and the need for leaders to facilitate unity despite differing beliefs. They advocate for rethinking democracy, embracing change, and creating new governance models. The video concludes with a call for embracing opportunities for innovation and gratitude towards the audience and speaker.

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Role of NationBuilder in Recent Elections and Leadership.
NationBuilder software supported 40% of national campaigns, including four out of five presidential candidates, such as Trump.
The platform disrupts traditional, expensive political campaigns by providing more affordable and accessible options for candidates.
NationBuilder challenges political parties as gatekeepers to resources and candidacy, shifting power dynamics and promoting inclusivity in the political landscape.
Importance of voter files in politics and the changing landscape of political campaigns.
Democrats have a monopoly on one voter file system, while Republicans have multiple competing systems.
Access to voter files controlled by political parties impacts primary situations.
Creation of a national voter file software for running for office at $29 a month revolutionizes the system.
Diminishing influence of money in politics, with a shift towards message relevance and reaching people over traditional rules.
Different Campaign Strategies in 2016 Election
The Scottish National Party utilized NationBuilder to engage supporters through social media and grassroots efforts, resulting in a rise in party membership.
Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign focused on attacking Donald Trump in television ads.
Donald Trump's campaign mentioned Hillary Clinton in only a small percentage of his ads.
Contrasting strategies in campaign messaging and tactics may have influenced the outcomes of the 2016 election.
Trump's campaign had powerful energy and support, while Clinton's lacked urgency and energy, leading to her loss.
Trump received similar votes to past Republican nominees, while Clinton received significantly fewer votes than Obama.
The speaker questions if Brexit and Trump's presidency have made the world a worse place.
The Internet is seen as a transformative force that can shape society positively or negatively based on human behavior.
Importance of individual agency in shaping the world.
Excitement about the energy and potential for impact in the current environment.
Concerns about polarization in society and people sticking to their own beliefs.
Personal experiences growing up in a bubble and using the internet to break free from cultural constraints.
Emphasis on avoiding the creation of new bubbles and the negative impact of societal division.
Challenges of Facilitating Understanding and Unity Among Differing Political Beliefs.
Emphasis on moving beyond personal agendas to focus on facilitating what others want.
Questioning if the current democratic system truly represents freedom and opportunity for all.
Suggestion to rethink the electoral process to ensure everyone has a voice and opportunity.
Highlighting the cultural value of conflict in American society and proposing new problem-solving approaches.
The speaker emphasizes the role of community and capitalism in driving change.
The speaker predicts a shift in traditional political systems as new leaders emerge outside established institutions.
The internet is highlighted as a key enabler of this shift, breaking down geographical barriers.
The speaker expresses hope for a future where individuals have more freedom to choose how they are governed.
The speaker acknowledges the challenges and complexities that may arise during this transition period.
Embracing change and creating the world we want through narratives and policies.
Importance of individuals engaging in the political process, with a community example of fixing a bridge.
Fast pace of technology requires a more decentralized approach to keep up.
Inspirational story of a surfer rallying people to solve a problem independently in just eight days.
Encouragement to create new models to replace old ones.
Emphasis on the abundance of opportunities for innovation and creation.
Gratitude extended towards Jim and the audience.