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Zillow Views and Saves, What They Really Mean and How to Get More of Them

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Understanding the significance of views and saves on Zillow listings is crucial for selling properties faster and potentially above listing price. The "home heat index" calculation, based on saves divided by views, helps gauge listing performance. Including videos in listings can boost visibility and competitiveness, improving search result rankings. Regularly monitoring the index and making adjustments can help stand out on platforms like Zillow and attract more organic searches. Overall, creating comprehensive listings with videos, pictures, and detailed descriptions is essential for enhancing online presence and attracting potential buyers.

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Importance of views and saves on Zillow listings.
Views on Zillow listings indicate initial buyer interest.
Saves show serious buyer intent, with properties having 30+ saves in the first week selling faster, potentially within 2 weeks.
Homes with 10 saves or less may take 30+ days to sell.
Each additional save correlates to a 1% increase in the likelihood of selling at or above listing price.
Calculating the 'home heat index' by dividing saves by views helps gauge listing performance.
A 5% or higher index indicates a solid listing, while 3% or lower suggests underperformance.
Market conditions and location influence results, with larger cities typically receiving more saves and views.
Understanding how a property is perceived online compared to similar listings is crucial.
Regularly calculating the index and making adjustments to improve attractiveness can help stand out on platforms like Zillow.
Importance of including videos in property listings for improved search rankings.
Videos make listings appear more complete and increase visibility in search results.
Including videos, along with pictures and detailed descriptions, can help attract more organic searches via zip code.
Creating a comprehensive listing is essential to enhance online presence and attract potential buyers.