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Kevin Hale - How to Improve Conversion Rates

Y Combinator2019-09-06
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The video discusses improving conversion rates through efficient steps in the conversion process, focusing on the importance of simplifying landing pages and addressing user needs promptly. It emphasizes the need for clear instructions, user-friendly experiences, and transparent pricing to build trust and increase conversion rates. The importance of effective communication, eliminating jargon, and providing clear call-to-action moments is highlighted throughout the presentation, with a focus on creating a more user-friendly and successful online platform.

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Importance of Improving Conversion Rates
Efficient steps in the conversion process are crucial for growth.
Balancing conversion and churn is key for success.
Different industries have varying conversion rates, so benchmarks are important.
TurboTax Online has a notable 70% conversion rate.
Designing a successful landing page involves focusing on the call to action, or 'magic moment'.
The 'magic moment' should be where users are excited and fully understand the product or service.
The call to action should be clear, easily accessible, and avoid unnecessary steps.
Eliminate marketing jargon and ensure the website clearly communicates the company's purpose and offerings.
By following a series of questions and focusing on simplicity, designers can create a more user-friendly and effective landing page.
Importance of User Trust and Human Interaction on Websites.
Users quickly assess if a product meets their needs by looking for relatable content on the page.
Providing pricing information and explanations is crucial to building trust and increasing conversion rates.
Users prefer human interaction and direct assistance on websites over navigating through the site.
Easy access to help and contact information is essential for users to adopt a product.
Challenges in creating virtual meeting rooms and the need for user-friendly experience.
Clear instructions are essential for setting up a room efficiently.
Concerns about platform readiness for real meetings and lack of customer testimonials.
Confusing information on the website raises usability issues for users.
Importance of help page, documentation, and transparent pricing for user satisfaction and trust in the platform.
Issues with the company Divjoy's website clarity and messaging.
Lack of clear call-to-action on the website leading to potential user confusion.
Website fails to provide explicit information about product capabilities and reliability.
Difficulty for users to invest in the platform long-term due to unclear messaging and lack of essential details.
Despite showcasing user numbers, the site fails to effectively communicate the value proposition.