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谷歌最强AI模型Gemini完全免费使用,比GPT-4还强?随意创建API key使用,文本图像任务轻松处理

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Google's latest AI model, Gemini, offers three versions (Ultra, Pro, Nano) for various needs, with a user-friendly interface. Gemini Pro and Nano provide cost-free usage and specialized device experiences. Users can access and use the platform for text and image processing, translations, and more. Gemini emphasizes efficient capabilities and versatility in applications. Viewers are encouraged to explore the platform, create an API key, and engage in tasks like photo processing and content sharing. The platform allows for interaction with Google AI, sending emails, and integrating with third-party programs.

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📊 Transcript
Google's latest AI model, Gemini, offers free usage and competes with OpenAI's GPT-4.
Gemini includes three versions: Ultra, Pro, and Nano, tailored for different needs.
Gemini Ultra is suitable for large-scale tasks with high complexity.
Gemini Pro is considered the best-performing model with versatile applications in text and image processing.
Gemini is expected to launch in 2024 and is praised for its user-friendly interface.
Summary of the Free Platform Features:
Users can freely input and output content on the platform.
Gemini Pro feature offers 60 free searches per minute with limitations.
Users need to log in with their Google account to access the platform.
The platform can be used to interact with Google AI and send emails based on collected information.
Importance of creating an API key and its potential uses.
Process of duplicating and storing the key for future reference.
Encouragement for viewers to experiment and test the key themselves.
Recommendation of a translation plugin for software applications.
Call to action for viewers to try out the plugin and share their experiences.
Overview of Gemini Translation Software.
Gemini supports both Microsoft and Soft translation, providing users with various service options and APIs.
Users can easily copy and paste keys for translation, showcasing the clarity and ease of use of the software.
The segment compares opening a website and translating content using Gemini, emphasizing its user-friendly nature.
Gemini is highlighted as a versatile and efficient translation tool for various needs.
Translation of an English website into Chinese and utilizing Gemini services.
Demonstrates creating an API key and using Gemini for various applications.
Introduces Gemini Pro and Gemini Pro vision for text and image tasks.
Encourages viewers to test Gemini Pro by inputting text for processing.
Emphasizes using Gemini Pro for effective management of text and image tasks.
Overview of language tasks and assistance.
Translation, story writing, Q&A, and poetry writing are highlighted as key language tasks.
Emphasis on providing information and assistance in completing tasks effectively.
Audience engagement encouraged through questions and conversation.
Importance of utilizing Gemini Pro for experiencing and evaluating content is emphasized.
Utilizing Gemini Pro Vision for photo processing, image selection in Google Cloud, and object identification in photos.
Viewers are prompted to test sample images and enhance products through selecting, adding, and analyzing images.
User interaction and feedback are emphasized for refining image recognition technology.
Opportunity for viewers to upload their own images for analysis and improvement is highlighted.
Overview of uploading personal photos, processing images, and sharing content with Gemini.
Retrieval and usage of Gemini's API, along with direct usage instructions provided.
Viewers are encouraged to utilize the platform and leave feedback for future video content.
The segment hints at more meaningful video content to come in the future.