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Our Planet: Too Big To Fail (8 minute version)

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The finance system's flaws contribute to climate change and biodiversity loss, requiring systemic change for a sustainable economy. Shift towards sustainable investments presents opportunities and requires coordinated efforts across sectors. Rethinking capitalism is crucial to mitigate climate change and nature loss threats.

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The finance system's impact on nature and climate change.
Banks investing in fossil fuels despite knowing the consequences.
The need for systemic change in the financial sector for a sustainable economy.
Companies, banks, and investors understanding vulnerabilities to climate change risks.
Prioritizing environmental, social, and governance reporting to minimize negative impacts.
Transformation of Finance Sector Towards Sustainable Investments.
Changing stakeholder expectations are driving the finance sector towards sustainable investments.
The shift towards environmentally-friendly practices is creating new opportunities for financial portfolios.
Achieving net zero emissions requires a comprehensive transition across all sectors.
Rethinking capitalism's structure is crucial for a sustainable future and to mitigate existential threats from climate change and nature loss.