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We tracked what happens after TikTok songs go viral

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Emerging artists like Jake found fame on TikTok in 2020 through viral song mashups. Data analysis identified 125 artists who went viral on TikTok, transitioning to Spotify success. Labels monitor TikTok trends to sign rising artists, offering million-dollar deals. Artists now have more leverage in negotiating record deals due to TikTok's influence, with a shift towards artist empowerment. Independent artists like Tom, aka Edith Whiskers, have found success by remaining independent and focusing on consistent content creation. Success on social media platforms leads to revenue through touring and merchandise sales, emphasizing the importance of establishing a loyal fan base for sustained success in the music industry.

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Jake's rise to fame on TikTok through collaborations and viral song mashups.
Jake quickly gained millions of views by posting videos with his mom.
After getting a manager, Jake's song went viral and garnered over 15 million videos.
The project showcases how emerging artists like Jake found success on TikTok in 2020.
Matt Daniels from The Pudding discusses the challenging data project analyzing TikTok hits and their impact on artists' careers.
Process of identifying viral songs on TikTok.
Playlists were analyzed and songs ranked by popularity, with established artists filtered out to focus on new talent.
Data points like Spotify monthly listeners and playlist appearances helped determine artists' career status.
A list of 125 artists who went viral on TikTok in 2020 was compiled.
Transition from TikTok virality to Spotify success was highlighted, showing how artists gained millions of listeners in a short period.
TikTok's impact on the music industry, specifically in helping emerging artists gain success.
Labels are closely monitoring TikTok trends to sign rising artists and offering large advances for ownership rights.
Major labels are losing Spotify market share to independent artists, leading them to compete for viral hits.
A million-dollar record deal involves a substantial advance and full ownership of masters, with labels retaining 85% of royalties.
Successful artists are benefiting from additional income from streaming platforms like Spotify due to TikTok's influence.
Shift in Major Record Label Deals
Artists traditionally received small portions of their advances due to repayment obligations.
Rise of TikTok and viral hits has given artists more leverage in negotiating deals.
Labels are now offering more favorable terms like 50/50 partnerships and licensing deals instead of ownership.
TikTok has increased chances for DIY artists to go viral and succeed without massive budgets.
Tom gains popularity on Spotify as Edith Whiskers, remains independent, and starts own record label.
Tom prioritizes investing in artists without traditional advance and recoupment system, emphasizes financial literacy for artists.
Challenges of being a DIY artist in the digital age highlighted, stresses importance of consistent content creation.
Impact of platforms like TikTok on music exposure discussed, shift of musicians to content creators in current music landscape pondered.
Importance of Generating Revenue Beyond Follower Counts on Social Media Platforms.
Artists can make money through touring and merchandise sales in addition to online popularity.
Successful live performances provide financial stability and long-term success in the music industry.
Creating a strong connection with fans through shows, albums, and merchandise is essential.
Establishing a loyal fan base is crucial for sustained success in the music industry.