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Emily Blunt & Anne Hathaway | Actors on Actors

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Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt discuss their enduring friendship since meeting on the set of Devil Wears Prada, reflecting on the movie's impact on their lives. They share insights on working with renowned directors like Christopher Nolan and actors like Meryl Streep, emphasizing the importance of respect and collaboration on set. The video also touches on the challenges and joys of independent filmmaking, highlighting the dedication and creativity required in the industry. Overall, the segment showcases the personal and professional experiences of actors in the film industry, from memorable moments on set to the transformative power of storytelling.

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Anne and Emily reflect on their enduring friendship formed on the set of Devil Wears Prada.
Emily was initially starstruck by Anne's fame, but Anne treated her as an equal and provided a warm presence.
Their friendship has lasted for 18 years and has evolved into a mature and enduring bond.
They discuss the success of the movie and the lasting impact it has had on their lives.
Both Anne and Emily are grateful for the joyful experience they shared during filming.
Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt share insights on working with Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey.
They discuss Nolan's hair as an indicator of his satisfaction with a take and Robert Downey Jr.'s professionalism.
The conversation highlights the approachability and warmth of these actors and directors, challenging preconceived notions of intimidation.
They emphasize the significance of a director's attitude on set, comparing a nurturing father figure to one with ego and agenda.
Christopher Nolan's leadership style on set is praised for being authoritative yet kind.
Crew members feel honored to work with him due to his high standards and emphasis on excellence.
Nolan's meticulous attention to detail and specific vision for shots impress actors, who are willing to do numerous takes.
Despite his high expectations, Nolan is approachable and considerate towards his team.
This creates a focused and respectful working environment on set.
Appreciation for the complexity and ferocity of a character in a movie role.
Insights into the character's pain, indignity, and non-conformist nature.
Reflection on the character's deterioration and the impact of contorting oneself.
Appreciation for the acting nuances and portrayal of anger and resentment.
Details about the character's isolation, loneliness, reputation, motherhood, and cooking skills.
Analysis of a pivotal scene in the movie showcasing the character's brilliance under pressure.
The actors discuss the dynamics of the scene, focusing on intimidation and invasion of personal space.
The scene is described as exhilarating and heroic, highlighting the character's transformation and resilience.
Praise for the cinematography and collaboration between the cinematographer and director in creating impactful visual storytelling in the film.
Reflections on working with a talented director and dedicated cast.
Importance of being present, listening, and creating authenticity in performances.
Collaborative and supportive environment on set with prepared, focused, and respectful individuals.
Director's presence brought rarity and inspiration to each day of filming.
Successful and impactful film production achieved through teamwork and dedication.
Discussion of the film 'Oppenheimer' as a mix of horror, love story, and thriller, with a paranoid and intense atmosphere.
The movie's success led to multiple viewings by audiences, leaving the cast in awe.
Watching the film described as a three-hour heart attack that captivates and overwhelms viewers.
Christopher Nolan's uncompromising vision and expectation for heightened awareness from the audience highlighted.
The disappointment of not being able to watch the movie with an audience and the excitement of finally seeing it in a theater, creating a memorable and immersive experience.
Discussion of the film 'Lady Macbeth' directed by William Oldroyd and starring Florence Pugh.
Pugh's performance was impressive, and the film was praised for its boldness.
Oldroyd's direction and the unique allure of the characters were highlighted.
The movie was noted for its dark and joyful elements, with a captivating atmosphere created by the director.
The segment emphasized the impact of working with a talented director and being drawn into the film's narrative.
Challenges of filming an independent movie in New Jersey with a limited budget.
Cinematographer Ari Wagner's work was impressive to all involved.
Director Will was commended for his time management and stress reduction skills on set.
Actors felt pushed out of their comfort zones but learned to embrace fear and enjoy the process.
The main actress made bold choices in character portrayal, creating a mysterious and captivating persona.
Trusting instincts and being present during filming.
Importance of various cast members and immersing in roles.
Successfully executing a scripted trick in a wine bottle opening scene.
Feelings of fury and catharsis in creative work.
Analysis of a character's transition from composure to vulnerability in a film scene.
The character's shift from being poised to disturbed is examined, culminating in a physical outburst.
The ending of the film is left open to interpretation, with a pivotal moment impacting the character's life.
The conversation explores the character's struggle with vulnerability and the pressure of appearing strong.
The character's determination to maintain a facade of strength in the face of adversity is a central theme.
Filming process and lengthy monologues of the protagonist in the segment.
Discussion on being a professional dinner guest and handling witty dialogue in 'The Devil Wears Prada'.
Recall of improvised lines and preparation involved in delivering them effectively.
Highlighting camaraderie and shared experiences during filming.
Showcasing the challenges and joys of working on a project together.
Anne Hathaway's funny moment on the first day of shooting for The Devil Wears Prada.
Anne was running in heels, pushing people out of the way, and her voice saying 'hideous' was memorable.
Anne and her friend had a lot of fun on set.
The charm of the blooper reel is highlighted.
The recommendation to watch the blooper reel for a good laugh.
Meryl Streep's method acting and decision to not do it again.
Streep's ability to switch between characters and impact on fellow actors.
Relationship between Anne Hathaway and Stanley Tucci, forming a close bond during filming.
Reflection on Powerful Emotional Scene with Meryl Streep
The actors stressed the significance of respect on set and the impact of witnessing greatness.
The crew maintained a quiet and focused atmosphere, showing deep appreciation for the raw performance.
The actors were in awe of Meryl's stripped-back, makeup-free portrayal, highlighting her talent as the greatest actress ever.
The scene left a lasting impression on everyone present, reinforcing the seriousness and dedication required in their craft.
Humorous incident with menthol spray and funny board meeting reaction.
Menthol spray used for cold relief and trick to activate sinuses.
David Frenkel creates a joyful film set environment.
Director praised for positive influence and supportive nature.
Described as an amazing person and a good dad.
Highlights from the YouTube video segment.
A nurse brings food to a grateful patient and reminisces about a sad person named Stanley and his ring.
The nurse talks about smuggling a Parmesan wheel and enjoying carbonara made inside a cheese wheel.
The experience with the cheese wheel is described as fantastic and even turns someone on.
The video ends with compliments on articulateness and eloquence.