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Gina Carano on Teaming up With Elon Musk to Sue Disney

Tucker Carlson2024-04-12
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The video features individuals sharing their experiences of facing challenges in Hollywood, including controversial views, vaccine mandates, cancel culture, and legal battles. Despite setbacks, they emphasize the importance of standing up for principles, finding creative freedom, and seeking justice. The speakers discuss their spiritual growth, community support, and gratitude towards unexpected allies like Elon Musk. They highlight the manipulation and control exerted by Hollywood companies while advocating for free speech and inclusivity in the industry. The video underscores the resilience, determination, and passion of individuals in navigating adversity and pursuing their creative endeavors.

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Gina Crono's career journey from MMA fighter to Hollywood star to being fired by Disney for expressing controversial views on social media.
She then joined the Daily Wire and starred in a western movie, navigating through challenges like vaccine mandates.
Despite the setbacks, she found opportunities for creative freedom and collaboration outside of traditional Hollywood structures.
Actor prioritizes principles over financial gain and chooses to work on a $2 million film instead of a $4 million film that required vaccination.
Despite challenges and false information about the movie, the actor praises the performances and production team.
The actor reflects on his experience of being 'canceled' and acknowledges differences in handling adversity.
Contrasts his emotional response to adversity with that of a colleague who quickly returned to work after a similar experience.
Speaker shares personal struggles with feeling forgotten and fired from Disney for resisting a vaccine mandate.
Speaker considers legal action for defamation and discrimination related to their termination.
Emotional toll of lockdowns and inconsistent work is discussed, along with concerns over societal issues like riots and church closures.
Impact of addiction and loss of friends due to overdoses, cancer, and other causes is reflected upon.
Speaker remains committed to standing up for beliefs and considers relocating from LA for safety and cost reasons.
Speaker reflects on the move to Montana and the sense of community.
Importance of finding a safe place and challenges of uprooting one's life are discussed.
Speaker shares deepening Christian faith over the last few years.
Negative perception of religion due to misuse is addressed.
Perspective on the anger towards God versus the actual experience causing it is shared.
Speaker recounts seeking justice and finding peace.
Speaker felt wronged and sought justice after a negative experience, eventually finding peace by surrendering to God.
Email from lawyers, including Elon Musk's, led to a positive outcome.
Gratitude expressed towards family lawyer for support during the process.
Individual receives support from Elon Musk after facing challenges due to controversial tweets.
The individual expresses gratitude for the opportunity to clear their name.
They discuss their perspective on being ahead of the curve regarding lockdowns and masks.
The individual questions why Elon Musk is providing legal assistance despite never meeting them.
They reflect on the impact of their words and the misunderstanding surrounding their intentions, expressing bewilderment at the support received.
Elon Musk praised for dedication to defending free speech and justice and investing in noble causes.
Speaker expresses gratitude towards Musk and hopes to meet him someday to convey thanks.
Legal case involving defamation and unfair dismissal discussed, with details on complaint filed against Disney.
Speaker explains how he was defamed through a controversial tweet and delves into the legal aspects of the situation.
Discussion on the origins of hate and propaganda, focusing on demonizing others based on differences.
Emphasis on understanding and not demonizing each other to prevent tragic events like the Jewish Holocaust.
Personal experience of facing backlash and being labeled as anti-semitic for speaking out against Nazis.
Challenges of expressing opinions in a controlled media environment, leading to being dropped by industry professionals.
Importance of speaking out on crucial issues in Hollywood.
Hollywood companies, agents, managers, publicists, and studios manipulate and control artists.
Overwhelming support received after being fired for speaking out.
Backlash against the company that fired the speaker.
Lack of independence for artists in Hollywood and consequences of challenging the status quo.
Importance of Standing Up for Others
Speaker recounts instances of supporting those in need on set.
Emphasizes the value of working hard and pushing through challenges.
Passion for advocating against bullying and injustice is evident.
Despite nerves, speaker finds strength in speaking up for beliefs.
Speaker's plans to produce and possibly direct a movie, emphasizing inclusivity and art.
Reflects on past challenges faced after being canceled and losing his team.
Focus on rebuilding life, health, and creativity.
Desire to have more control over sharing stories through directing and producing films.
Importance of free speech and societal values, highlighting the need for platforms like TCN to showcase meaningful content.