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Indian students in Brampton DEMAND work permit extensions at protest

True North2024-06-03
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International students in Canada protest for fair treatment, 5-year work permits, and protection from exploitation by employers. They face challenges with the immigration system and job opportunities, with concerns about misleading information from colleges and agents. Tensions arise around immigration, worker exploitation, and media portrayal. Some Canadians oppose the protests, fearing backlash. The issue of international student immigration complexities, deportation, and PR prospects is debated. Politicians are urged to address immigration concerns amid dissatisfaction with the federal government's handling of the situation.

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Indian international students in Canada protest for rights to stay and work in the country.
Protests in Manitoba and Prince Edward Island have resulted in mixed responses from governments.
Protesters seek extensions of work permits, fair treatment in draws and assessments, and accuse employers of exploitation.
They are demanding 5-year work permits and fair treatment in the labor market.
Concerns raised about the impact of International School System expansion on Canadians and the economy.
Protesters at a rally express beliefs in freedom of speech and demand an end to exploitation of international students in Canada.
The protesters accuse the reporter of twisting narratives and pushing propaganda.
They seek transparency on the employers involved in the exploitation of international students.
Tensions around immigration, worker exploitation, and media portrayal are highlighted in the conversation.
Protesters emphasize standing up against racism and holding accountable those who exploit vulnerable workers.
Challenges faced by international students in Canada regarding permanent residency and job opportunities.
Concerns raised about colleges and agents providing misleading information to students about their PR prospects.
Debate over whether students should be deported if permits expire, with arguments for considering their contributions and investments in the country.
Questions raised about the percentage of international students obtaining PR and the targeting of this group.
Discussion on the complexities and issues surrounding international student immigration in Canada.
Lack of support for protest demanding 5-year postgraduate work permit.
Many in the community are afraid to speak out against international students.
Students demand an end to labor market impact assessment exploitation.
Students want work permits extended beyond 3 years.
Goal is to prevent exploitation by employers and ensure fair treatment for all.
Work permit issues and exploitation accusations faced by international students in Canada.
Limited job opportunities for non-skilled workers highlighted as a problem.
Calls from Canadians and immigrants for immigration caps and dissatisfaction with the federal government.
Large groups of international students facing deportation are demanding to stay in the country.
Mass immigration is a significant issue with ongoing coverage, urging politicians to address immigration concerns.