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TRUE FOOD TV2024-02-09
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Learn how to make a delicious and affordable one-pot meal using organic dried beans, with the benefits of extra virgin olive oil highlighted. The process of soaking, cooking, and seasoning the beans is outlined, leading to a nutritious and satisfying bean stew. Tips for saving costs without compromising quality ingredients are shared, emphasizing the health benefits of beans and their versatility in creating complete and delicious meals.

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Cooking a delicious and affordable one-pot meal using dried beans.
The recipe focuses on the benefits of using organic dried beans for better quality and taste.
Emphasizing the importance of using extra virgin olive oil for added flavor and health benefits.
Encouraging viewers to experiment with different types of beans.
Providing tips for saving costs while still using quality ingredients.
Preparation and cooking process of beans.
Soaking beans is essential before cooking to soften them.
Baking soda can be used to further soften the beans' outer skin.
Extra virgin olive oil is recommended for flavor and health benefits in bean dishes.
Beans are a staple in the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes olive oil and beans.
Benefits of Adding Salt to Beans During Cooking
Adding salt while cooking beans helps soften the skins for a creamier texture and prevents them from exploding.
Adjust salt levels based on personal preference and blend beans for a smoother consistency.
Pairing beans with rice and dark greens like broccoli Rob creates a nutritious meal that slows the absorption of rice starch, reducing blood sugar spikes.
Beans are considered one of the most nutritionally complete foods, offering numerous health benefits.