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Elevator Pitch Feedback

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Attendees introduce themselves, sharing their business ventures and the importance of storytelling in business. Speakers share their journeys and emphasize the value of effective communication and engagement through storytelling. The training industry's flaws are discussed, highlighting the need for accountability and improved learning outcomes. The importance of empathy and authority in storytelling for business success is emphasized, along with the shift from being the protagonist to the mentor in one's story. The video ends with a closing ritual, expressing gratitude to the audience.

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Introductions of attendees at the event.
Isabella from Employers for Change focusing on changing employer practices with interns.
Gustavo from Rale Lab in Singapore, seeking investors and developing training standards.
Rale Lab uses cloud-based software to measure training effectiveness.
Event included discussions on storytelling and public speaking.
The speaker shares his journey from a corporate background to founding Story Kate, a storytelling company.
He emphasizes the importance of storytelling in helping people recognize their potential and achieve greatness in business.
The three chapters of his journey include working in corporate, transitioning to a startup, and gaining an education in storytelling.
He discusses the challenges and lessons learned in each chapter.
Ultimately, his journey led to the founding of Story Kate and his work in teaching storytelling to various organizations.
Bridge: Supporting Student Career Readiness in Nigeria.
The company works with high institutions in Nigeria to support student career readiness.
Importance of storytelling in business is emphasized, with the founder highlighting the need to prove the value of the product before seeking investors.
The founder reflects on their accidental training journey and challenges faced in presenting to investors.
Joining accelerators helped Bridge sharpen their narrative and business focus.
Importance of refining value and communication in presenting a business.
Founders often struggle with effectively communicating their business to investors, emphasizing the need for sharpening pitching skills.
Being part of a tech accelerator offers valuable insights into how other founders present their ideas sharply.
Emphasis on the value of simplicity, with the idea of being 'five-year-old simple' as the best approach.
Learning from experiences and feedback to continuously enhance communication and presentation skills.
Importance of Communication and Storytelling Improvement.
Emphasis on the challenge of delivering concise and engaging messages to the audience.
Shift from a sales-oriented approach to prioritizing storytelling.
Providing frameworks for effective communication and storytelling practices.
Emphasizing the importance of understanding the audience's thought process and delivering impactful messages.
The importance of effective storytelling in communication.
Clarity is essential in storytelling to keep the audience engaged.
Storytelling has origins in oral traditions and is a powerful tool for education and connection.
Stories evoke emotional responses, influence perceptions, and can build or break trust.
Developing a brand involves crafting compelling narratives that resonate with the audience to drive change and foster trust.
Importance of storytelling in technology startups.
Simplifying complex ideas into clear stories for investors is crucial for acceptance and adoption.
Storytelling framework includes a hero, facing problems, and a mentor, seen in popular movies like The Princess Bride, Star Wars, The Matrix, and The Lion King.
Effective use of storytelling patterns can lead to successful communication and engagement with audiences.
Shifting focus from yourself to customers in storytelling for business.
Customers are portrayed as the heroes in their own stories with problems and desired states, while businesses act as mentors providing solutions.
Introduction of the 'Four Ps of Storytelling' framework, which includes protagonist, Pathfinder, pathway, and payoff elements.
Businesses are encouraged to position customers as main characters in their narratives to effectively communicate value and success.
Importance of empathy and authority in storytelling and pitches.
Focus on solving problems and achieving desired states for the audience.
Use a simple three-step process in storytelling for a full circle experience for customers.
Collaborate in writing stories and pitches by asking for volunteers to provide information.
Role of the storyteller in guiding the storytelling process and the audience's role in providing input for a successful pitch.
Challenges in the training industry leading to lack of learning effectiveness.
88% of trainings fail to deliver desired outcomes due to fragmented tools and lack of accountability.
A new platform captures feedback and interactions between trainers and learners for improved accountability.
The speaker's startup generated $1 million in revenue and is seeking external investors.
Emphasis on the need for change and improved accountability in the industry for better training outcomes.
Issues in the Training Industry
Trainers in the industry overlook feedback and success measures, using outdated forms and surveys.
Learners pay for training but are faulted for not staying on track, while trainers lack accountability.
Trainers often deliver workshops without ensuring success, leading to high failure rates.
The broken nature of the training industry is evident in the lack of balance in accountability between trainers and learners.
Importance of delivering learning experiences based on student benefit.
Focus on high-touch training methods and capturing interactions between students and trainers.
Challenges of fragmented productivity tools like WhatsApp and email in capturing data.
Proposal to capture feedback, improve data comprehension, and enhance training effectiveness through technology.
Transforming traditional training methods to improve learner engagement and feedback.
The training industry relies on outdated feedback methods like forums and surveys, blaming learners for not executing skills learned.
An engineer proposes a solution by transforming low-touch training to high-touch, capturing interactions between students and trainers.
This approach bridges the gap between students and trainers, providing meaningful feedback to trainers and improving the overall learning experience.
Deploying a training and technology solution gives trainers real-time visibility and insight into their impact on students.
Importance of starting a pitch with a problem rather than market numbers.
Need for emotional connection in pitches to resonate with listeners.
Ineffectiveness of relying solely on forms and surveys in the training industry.
Encouragement for a storytelling approach in presentations to evoke empathy and understanding from the audience.
Importance of creating personal connection in pitches and focusing on empathy and authority to solve problems.
Roles of trainers and learners in a story, emphasizing the desire to provide good training.
Pathway to success involves transforming training methods and capturing interactions effectively.
Payoff for trainers includes real-time visibility, confidence in program effectiveness, and high-touch training without extra time and energy.
Key is measuring engagement and providing the ability to iterate programs for success.
Shifting from protagonist to Pathfinder in your own story.
Serving as a mentor rather than the hero can bring a sense of relief and positively impact communication.
Mentions the comparison of heroes in various cultures and industries, highlighting the role of mentors like Yoda or Obi-Wan.
Acknowledges the challenge of feeling like an imposter but emphasizes the relief that comes from supporting others as the hero of their own story.
Importance of storytelling in business and guiding founders through their journey to success.
The significance of understanding narrative structure and the impact of decisions on products and solutions.
Providing support for struggling founders and offering one-on-one discussions on story and narrative for free.
Prioritizing mindset shift and embracing change while supporting founders and providing services.
Conclusion of the recording with sharing of notes, email, and links with the community.
Use of Transend R tool and request to switch to audio for the closing.
Description of the closing ritual at Transcend with cheering 'go team' together.
Expression of gratitude and appreciation to the audience multiple times before ending.
Music playing in the background as the recording concludes.