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I Can’t BELIEVE TMZ Did This To Ye|This Is BAD|They Really Setup Him & Bianca Set|

Tisa Tells2024-04-21
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Conflicting reports surround Kanye West allegedly hitting a man who assaulted his wife, Bianca, with TMZ accused of bias. Kanye punched the wrong twin brother, leading to a battery report and police involvement. Despite his claims, evidence is lacking. Media behavior towards Kanye is criticized as vile, with a call for viewer input on the situation.

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Kanye West allegedly hits a man who assaulted his wife, Bianca.
Conflicting reports claim Kanye hit the wrong person, who was part of a set of twins.
TMZ is accused of having a vendetta against Kanye and manipulating the narrative.
Eyewitnesses support Kanye's version, confirming that Bianca was assaulted.
The situation is complex, involving media bias and potential exploitation for financial gain.
Kanye West mistaken identity punch incident at hotel.
Kanye West punched the wrong twin brother, thinking he bumped into his wife Bianca.
Kanye West is now a suspect in a battery report, with police wanting to speak to him.
Despite Kanye's claims, there is no evidence supporting his version of events.
The case is still under investigation and will be reviewed by the City attorney.
Criticism of TMZ and media behavior towards Kanye West.
Media outlets prioritize winning and excuse any behavior to achieve it.
Kanye West, once a team captain, is now not even allowed to be the mascot.
Viewers are invited to share their thoughts in the comments.
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