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The Dark Side of the Moon | Alien Activity and the NASA Cover-Up

The Why Files2024-06-14
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The video explores conspiracy theories surrounding the moon, including claims of alien structures, NASA cover-ups, and potential UFO sightings. Former NASA employees reveal secrets and alleged evidence of alien activity on the moon. The segment discusses challenges to moon-related photos and the mysterious nature of the moon's composition. Plans for future lunar missions by various countries and private companies are highlighted, hinting at a new space race. The video also delves into various paranormal phenomena, including UFOs, shadow people, and mysterious encounters, adding to the intrigue surrounding the moon and space exploration.

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President John F. Kennedy set the goal of landing a man on the moon by the end of the decade, igniting a space race with the USSR.
Lunar probes from the US and USSR captured images of the moon's dark side, revealing prior claims to the moon.
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Michael Collins experiences isolation and eerie radio signals while orbiting the moon alone in the Command Module.
Collins is cut off from Earth's radio signals for 47 minutes during each lunar revolution.
Suspicion arises regarding NASA's loss of high-quality moon landing recordings, leading to speculation of a cover-up.
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have their own encounters on the moon's surface, including planting an American flag watched by the world.
Discovery of a secret base on the backside of the moon by a technician at NASA's lunar orbiter project facility.
The base featured mushroom-shaped buildings, spherical buildings, and towers, raising suspicions due to the presence of scientists from various countries.
NASA astronauts were warned that they wouldn't be alone on the moon, with code words for UFOs being created and sightings reported during space missions.
Cover-ups and secrets related to UFOs and alien anomalies in NASA photos and missions.
Dr. Ken Johnston cataloged photos of alien cities and structures on the Moon, which NASA ordered to be destroyed.
Donna Hare witnessed NASA airbrushing out UFOs from photos for public release.
US Army Major Robert Dean saw a report detailing a 1961 UFO incident with dead aliens and claimed NASA destroyed evidence from Apollo missions.
Evidence included cigar-shaped objects and massive buildings on the Moon's surface.
Allegations of image manipulation and anomalies on celestial bodies raise conspiracy theories about hidden structures.
Blurred sections and giant footprints on the Moon fuel speculation about pyramids and obelisks.
China's moon rover photographs mysterious objects, adding to the intrigue.
Historical plans by the US and Russia for military bases on the Moon suggest a focus on weaponization over exploration.
During the 1960s space race, space exploration, especially the Moon, was a top national priority.
Apollo 17 was the last mission to the Moon in 1972.
Both the US and Soviet Union ended lunar programs, sparking conspiracy theories.
Apollo missions reported hearing and seeing strange things on the Far Side of the Moon.
NASA dismissed claims of strange occurrences as radio interference.
Criticism surrounds whistleblowers like Ken Johnston and Donna Hare, questioning their credibility.
Challenges to photos related to the moon are discussed with references to 'Dark Mission' by Richard Hogland and Mike Bara.
Whistleblowers like Donna Hare and Carl Wolf are emphasized for their claims, but lack hard evidence.
The mysterious nature of the moon, including its unusual composition and theory of formation from two separate moons, is mentioned.
Recent developments include China's Chang'e 6 mission collecting samples from the far side of the moon.
NASA's plans for sending astronauts to the lunar South Pole in 2026 are also discussed.
Increasing lunar missions by various countries and private companies suggest a new space race underway.
Former astronauts, whistleblowers, and remote viewers have reported sightings of aliens on the moon, sparking curiosity about potential future discoveries.
Predictions indicate that the moon will become more crowded in the next 10-20 years due to increased space activity.
The possible presence of aliens on the moon could result in either a significant breakthrough or pose significant risks to humanity.
The video promotes the Wi Files podcast and encourages audience support through Patreon memberships and merchandise purchases.
Various conspiracy theories are discussed in the segment, including a secret code in the Bible, UFOs, paranormal fun, and the moon landing hoax.
The segment also touches on aliens, shadow people, and a mysterious 'smiling man', with the narrator expressing disbelief at encountering these phenomena.
References are made to a simulation, mysterious number stations, and projects related to the dark Watchers and Planet Areo.
The mention of a black KN satellite adds to the intrigue surrounding these topics.