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The Dead Smartphone Tier List

The Studio2024-04-25
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The video covers discontinued smartphones like the Sharp Aquos Crystal and Robin Razor phone, praised for innovative design and cloud storage. It also discusses the Surface Duo 2's flaws, the Essential Phone G1's unique design, the Ridge wallet's versatility, and the Hydrogen One's disappointments. A folding phone with screen issues is strongly advised against. Overall, the video highlights the evolution of smartphone technology, emphasizing originality and user experience.

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Discussion of discontinued smartphones, Sharp Aquos Crystal and Robin Razor phone.
Sharp Aquos Crystal praised for thin bezels and innovative design.
Robin Razor phone noted for cloud storage feature and clean Android UI.
Evolution of gaming phones and importance of originality and high refresh rates discussed.
Despite drawbacks like poor vibration quality, phones generally well-received, with Aquos Crystal in A tier and Robin Razor phone in B tier.
Criticisms of the Surface Duo 2 include poor digitizer, buggy software, and awkward design.
The Essential Phone G1 was praised for its ceramic build and unique bezel-less design.
Essential Phone G1 failed due to lack of a headphone jack and poor camera quality.
Despite company going under, Essential Phone G1 received consistent updates from dedicated team.
Promising features of Essential Phone G1 highlighted include Pogo pin attachments and potential for future iterations in smartphone market.
Highlights of the Ridge wallet, Nokia 1020 camera, and Blackberry Priv.
Ridge wallet attaches to phones via magnets with a strengthening tray and offers 10% off with the code 'MKBHD'.
Nokia 1020 camera influenced smartphone camera technology by introducing bigger sensors and higher resolutions.
Importance of a good screen is discussed, comparing the UI of older phones to newer ones.
The Blackberry Priv's unique design and struggles in a changing market are mentioned.
Disappointment with the Hydrogen One phone.
The phone was criticized for its large size and lack of promised features such as modular camera accessories.
The 3D holographic effect on the screen was deemed distracting and not well-implemented.
Lack of ecosystem support for the device led to an overall negative experience.
Priced at $1,295, the Hydrogen One was considered expensive and placed in the D tier category.
Review of a folding phone with screen issues and potential breakage.
The reviewer warns against purchasing the phone due to black spots and folding problems.
They highlight the lack of value for the high price and compare it unfavorably to other folding phones.
The reviewer expresses frustration with the design and usability of the phone.
Despite criticisms, they acknowledge the phone's popularity and impact on social media platforms like TikTok.